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Costco is succeeding despite retail woes. When he needs supplies for his animals, the year-old doesn't go to Walmart or Amazon.

He buys everything at Tractor Supply Co. The most recent Department of Agriculture census from counted about , American farms run by people who had a primary occupation other than farming. The number is growing.

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So is Tractor Supply. The company, headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, says it plans to open hundreds of new stores over the next few years.

Retailers can learn a thing or two from Tractor Supply, especially about how to win trust with customers. The country's major retail trade group recognized Tractor Supply President Steve Barbarick last week as one of the leaders "shaping retail's future. To avoid that pitfall, Tractor Supply emphasizes customer service. The average store only draws around customers a day, so the pressure is magnified on its red-vested staff to convert shopper visits into sales. Many shoppers go to Tractor Supply stores to consult with employees on repairs, big projects, and how to care for their animals.

Tractor Supply hires workers with farming and ranching backgrounds.

Why Every Man Needs a Tractor

It says in its securities filings that it wants to bring on welders and horse owners. That is who the team members are in our stores," Sandfort said last year. Tractor Supply has sharpened its focus on providing expertise by actively posting vidoes and tipsheets online about raising chickens, how to groom horses, and how to fence goats. Its latest video: Tips for beekeeping season. Around a third of Tractor Supply's sales come from its exclusive brands. Despite its name, the company doesn't sell tractors at its 15, square-foot small-box stores— roughly one-sixth the size of a Home Depot or Walmart.

But it does carry just about all of the stuff its customers need to keep up their farms, ranches, barns, and homes and look after pets and livestock. It aims to be a "trip consolidator," saving customers a separate visit to the hardware, pet, auto parts, or gardening store. Dyer said Tractor Supply is the only place to get quality fencing that will keep his goats ensconced: "They're escape artists," he said. The company carries around 18, items at stores. It has an outdoor section at the front for straw and hay, and bulkier items like cattle gates and dog kennels.

Livestock feed and pet food are the company's biggest business. It offers horse and bird feed. Sprinklers, gardening tools and chainsaws. Tractor beds and garage storage. Snow blowers, lawn mowers, and storage tanks. Overalls, mud boots, and heavy-duty welding shirts. Joined: Jun 21, Messages: 13, Location: south west ireland.

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Doesn't that greenfield contract everything out? One crowd we do work for have 3 farms milking cows they just spread there own slurry Sent from my D using Tapatalk. Joined: Oct 9, Messages: 3, Location: Cumbria. Farm was built near here for milkers had one man a skid steer and a tractor with a feed box everything else was contracted out, dare say if it wasn't for the number of cows he could have done without the tractor and feed box Sent from my LG-D using Tapatalk.

I knew plenty of farms in the USA with no tractors, milking a lot more cows than farms here. Skid steers and feed trucks. Cheap and simple. A dairy farmer really only needs a loader. Fert spreading, topping, slurry, silage can all easily be done by contractors. How can a dairy farmer run equipment more efficiently than a contractor?

For a skid steer, I go rubber tracks. This opens up a while new avenue. If you have to employ a full time man to drive tractors on the farm, there is 30K gone. For 30K, you will get a lot of work done by contractor.

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I tink alot of Farmers buy machinery just to feed there own addiction for the want of a better therm. More of them possibly have been left high and dry with contractors and buy there own gear. Some of it is utter madness. There's a guy over the road milking 70 cows he has 4 modern tractors a loading shovel a wagon, fusion mower, slurry tankers, zero grazer,plough, power Harrow.

He has better machinery than ourselves. There's no way it's justifiable. I have no problem saying if there was massive money to be made at contracting. There isn't there's very little when everything is payed for. Id strive for perfection in every job we do Its my job I tink a dairy farmer in particular should strive for perfection in his heard instead of fooling around with machinery. There's a certain amount of "that fella is making a heap of money so he can fcuk off ill buy my own gear" A cow will buy you a tractor A tractor will never buy a cow Sent from my D using Tapatalk.

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Why Every Man Needs a Tractor: And Other Revelations in the Garden

Peter , Nov 29, Having given up the contract work, I can see how I'd manage without a tractor if I had to. I have a telehandeler that I couldn't do without. The rest I'd contract. We have a fair bit of kit here but as the price of machinery has rocketed in the last price drop 5 years, I won't be in a hurry to update it. Telehandeler, 6 tonne track digger, ford transit tipper and a quad is what I'd settle with. Joined: May 27, Messages: 13, Location: Laois. Been thinking about this thread for a bit and there's no way i could do without a tractor.

However I admit the likes of the or even the would be able to do my work if I was to contract out everything that wasn't yard scraping or topping. But where's the fun in that. Be hard to change the mindset of most farmers, the tractor is an established piece of equipment on every farm, some are the bare essentials and some are massively overkill but that is a personal choice in most cases, I'd be in a lot of farms and I can't think of one that doesn't have use for a tractor almost on a daily basis. Joined: Jul 25, Messages: 2, Location: Carlow. We do work for a dairy farmer who has a loader and a tractor but the tractor is never off the diet feeder.