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Jack Reacher gets a ride on a tour bus which flounders in deep snow in a small town in South Dakota. The town is awaiting the trial of a group of people for making and dealing in drugs. There is a massive infrastructure behind this, run by Plate, a Mexican drugs baron. The main witnesses, a lawyer and a senior police officer are killed.

Together they unravel the problem and sort out the bad boys. Engaging and interesting novel about WW1. An 'absolutist' was someone who would have nothing at all to do with war, not just not fighting, but not doing anything that would help the war effort. The novel covers other issues such as firing squads and homosexuality. Spoilt by the use of idioms certainly not in use during WW1, 'we were an item', 'any time soon' and 'Thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

A woman dies in a car accident deemed to be her own fault; two people in the car that hit her are killed. As the story develops a web of crime is revealed in the selling of fake designer handbags and poor quality electrical components and building materials. Three more people are killed before the mystery is solved. A real page turner. The story of the events that led up to Reacher's discharge from the army. He uncovers murder and corruption on a marine base perpetrated by the son of a high ranking marine officer.

Lots of smoke and mirrors but with a good ending. This novel is a take on the relationship between Lewis Carroll and the Liddell family, particularly Alice. The story deviates from what is thought about the relationship, in that it is the father, on the verge of insanity, who abuses Daisy. It is never explicit in the story but certainly confirmed. A satisfactory conclusion. Poirot is called in to help solve the mystery of the death of a woman following the funeral of her uncle whom she claimed had been murdered. Trademark large country house setting with a family gathering for the denouement.

Very descriptive novel describing the life of Alma Braithwaite, a boarder in a school in Exeter which was bombed in She finds herself unable to move on following the loss of her parents and brother WWII. She becomes a music teacher and returns to the school and is teaching there in when JFK is assassinated, and the concert she had worked hard to organise is cancelled. Her parallel is Miss Yates, the new head who lost her entire family in the Coventry bombings. The story has undercurrents which are never fully explained. An excellent sequel to 'Me Before You'. Lou Clark still hasn't recovered from the death of Will Traynor at Dignitas when his daughter, Lily, appears.

She is the result of an affair Will had in his final term at university and has never had any knowledge of. Lou takes the very troubled out of contro 16yr old under her wing. A horrific revelation of murders and sexual perversions emerges when a 'domestic' is reported to the police by a neighbour. Historical abuse is revealed and a local girl is missing; residents of The Hill have their peace shattered and Alan Banks has his work cut out to get to the bottom of the many issues which are thrown up. Grace and her daughter Jenny are both in hospital following a fire at Jenny's brother's school, deemed to be arson.

Jenny with severe burns and a damaged heart, Grace in a vegetative state after being struck on the head by falling beams. The two exist only in spirit but can communicate with each other and follow others around. Between them they piece together who was responsible for the fire, fortunately reaching the same conclusion as the police. Requires a large dollop of suspension of disbelief, but a brilliant story. On a stormy morning Salvo Montalbano gives a lift into Vigata to a young woman.

She is very interested in a yacht that has just put in to the harbour. This piques Salvo's curiosity and eventually after the yacht turns out to have a dinghy containing a corpse he uncovers a blood diamond scam. This is a story of two halves.

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The first part is Lessing's idea of what her parents' lives might have been like had the Great War not happened, based on what she knew of what they would have liked to have done with their lives. The second half claims to be a close examination of their actual lives. There a lot of very staccato sentences and unnecessary hyphenations such as strikingly!

Part one ends very abruptly, Emily now in middle age opens a home for unmarried mothers and on the next page dies at the age of The second part is shorter and rather disorganised and repetitive. MI5 and MI6 are involved towards the end but do little to clarify the story. It interweaves the lives of three main families with intricate affaires, romances, high profile metro-centric glamorous characters, involving near bankruptcy, madness, teen crime and baby snatching.

Some of the sub-plots are shallow and not satisfactorily resolved. A bit lightweight. A fascinating saga about an English girl employed as nanny to a Russian countess in St Petersburg before and during the revolution. The parallel story of her grandaughter coming to terms with the suicide of her mother intertwines with the historical one. Dual narration is well handled. A charming memoir about old age. Lively looks back over her eighty years and discusses the things that have influenced her.

She writes about her Egyptian childhood where most of her education was acquired through reading a wide variety of books. She considers how memory shapes us and in her final chapter considers six treasures, how she acquired them and what they mean to her. A fascinating account of the aftermath of the Titanic disaster. The author's grandfather was a violinist on board and one of the group playing 'Nearer my God to Thee' as the ship went down. The book contains lots of interesting detail about the rescue ship and the numbers buried at sea because there were not enough coffins on board the ship detailed to pick up the bodies.

Not everyone could be identified and many bodies are buried in Halifax Nova Scotia as families could not afford the expense of repatriating the bodies. Set in the King's Cross district of Sydney it tells the story of Harriet Purcell who has had enough of living at home and sharing a bedroom with her grandmother.

She finds rooms in a house owned by Delviccia Shwarz and her 4yr old daughter. Other rooms are let out to a variety of oddball characters who add colour to the novel. Delviccia is a clairvoyant so a selection of clients appear from time to time. When Delviccia dies suddenly Harriet fights hard to get custody of the child with whom so has developed a strong bond. An early novel by Titchmarsh, lacking in sophistication. The plot is straightforward but with no real surprises. Kit Lavery, an Australian returns to England to tidy up her father's affairs after his death.

The death duties on her father's nature reserve are crippling and selling the farm and nature reserve seem the only option, but an unknown interest of the old man comes to the rescue. A satisfying collection of short stories, most of which are well rounded. They all deal with aspects of love of one kind or another. Set in the s in London and the South of France; Polly Sullivan discovers that she is not who she thinks she is when she tries to get a copy of her birth certificate. Brought up by her mother's sister Polly is an artist working on restoration in a modest gallery.

Lots of interwoven threads all tie up nicely at the end and several lives are intertwined, relationships fall apart and others are revealed. A well written novel with a denouements rather like a Shakespeare comedy. George Edalji, a Birmingham solicitor and the son of the vicar of Great Wyrly, was falsely accused and ultimately convicted of mutilating livestock in the village. He sought the help of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in getting to the bottom of the mystery and helping prove his innocence.

The novel spends a lot of time on interior monologues of both main characters and is narrated in the first person by them both. It covers the trial and imprisonment of Edalji, Doyle's relationship with his first wife and mistress Jean Leckie and latterly his attempt to find the real culprit of the crimes and clear Edalji's name. Barnes describes it as a contemporary novel set in the past. The novel has its roots in fact, but Barnes has embroidered it with ideas of his own. A passable murder mystery set in Spain, but with rather too much detail about golf.

Well developed characters , but the denouement a bit convoluted. Rather too many references to characters from previous novels by the author. A twelfth century murder mystery. Josse Acquil visits the Abbess of Hawkenlye to investigate the murder of a poacher in the forest. He uncovers the secrets of a wandering forest community. An unusual and interesting novel with a satisfying conclusion. Kitty Wellington is mourning the death of her baby which she tragically miscarried and had to have a hysterectomy to save her life.

She is supposed to be seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-depressants, but misses her appointments and fails to take the medication. This makes her behave very erratically. She is the youngest of a family of 6; one sister who ran away when she was sixteen and four brothers. Her mother is dead and father an artist. As the novel proceeds the family relationships begin to fall apart, then gradually reassemble themselves in a different order. Rimington's debut novel set in Norfolk and introduces Liz Carlyle.

An Afghan jihadist and an English-born girl are planning a bomb attack, the target of which is not revealed until the end of the novel. Well written and briskly paced. Set in the french Alps, the story is of a ski resort all set for the annual ski race, but on the eve of the event a huge avalanche engulfs the village. Drummond introduces a variety of characters and scenarios in the first half of the novel then the reader follows them through the events of the disaster.

Very well constucted. Set largely in Yellowstone Park, rogue cop Cody Hoyte sets out to discover who is killing members of an AA group and why. It leads him to an 'outfitter' who takes groups on wilderness tours on horseback. A light plane full of drugs money is involved. A lot of people get killed There are several twists and revelations, has a good ending. An amusing insight into the life of widowed Rebecca, mother, stepmother and general dogsbody to a large multigeneration family. Poppy her father-in-law is about to celebrate his th birthday, her own daughter and three stepdaughters with their husbands and children all make demands on her.

The background theme concerns Rebecca's attempt to reconnect with the boyfriend, Will, she dumped in order to marry Joe who was many years her senior. Entertaining, with a multiplicity of characters. The deaths of two of his former army colleagues involves Reacher in a trip to LA and joining forces with three other ex-military policemen to solve the mystery of the deaths of their colleagues and retribution for those responsible.

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Two more die in the process so there is only half of the original team left. Sister Fidelma mystery. She and Eadulf leave their baby son with his nurse to solve the mystery of the killing of 3 girls on consecutive full moons. Well set up but a slightly disappointing resolution. A violent story set in a fracking area of N Dakota. Mancamps are set up to house the workers and drug running is rife. When 12yr old Kyle Westergaad observes a car being run off the road and finds a package full of cash and drugs his life is in danger.

A matriarchal family pottery business is thriving, but relations between the mother and three daughters are strained, and her long suffering musician husband realises he has let the best years of his life slip away whilst deferring to her needs. Set in N Carolina; a variety of non-human bones are unearthed and Tempe Brennan's job is to discover what they have to do with other deaths. Quite a complicated storyline but satisfactorily concluded.

It involves the illegal sale of animal products for use in Oriental medicine. Following the death of her mother Nina discovers she was adopted and sets out to find her birth parents. In the meantime she meets Andre from Fuertaventura living near her in Dorset. He subsequently discovers that he to is adopte. There is no complete resolution but the prospect of one through Andre's sister, a nun who had been part of the ninos robados scheme.

A few too many coincidences to make this a convincing story. The full story of Much Ado About Nothing providing the back story with enhanced characters and introducing new ones. A brilliant psychological thriller set on the Isle of Wight. Kate is haunted by her ex-lover whom she discovered to be possessive and cruel, a control freak if not a psychopath. She decamps to a rented cottage in Yarmouth to work on her translating job and put some distance between herself and London. But eventually Richard tracks her down. This would make a great film.

Grace lives with her husband and 19 year-old daughter Trixie on a Massachusetts island. During the summer a group of musicians come to stay on the island and Trixie falls in love with the lead singer, Jasper. This awakens memories of her childhood in Grace, and her early life in rural England as the daughter of the gardener and beekeeper to a stately home.

History starts to repeat itself and the past is beginning to unravel for Grace before their lives can be happily continued. A compelling family saga set in the first half of the twentieth century. Richard Farnborough is a wealthy business man who marries Isobel Zeale, a housekeeper with a secret.

The story follows their lives and those of their children and Isobels relatives in Norfolk. After a slow start this novel became very engaging. Christine has lost her long term memory as the result of an accident 20 years earlier. Each morning, when she wakes her memory is blank - she has to be told who she is and all the important facts for everyday living. Her therapist, Dr Nash encourages her to keep a journal updated every evening. This is done without the knowledge of her husband.

Surprises and twists turn this into a fascinating crime thriller. A brilliant novel about a man who is recently widowed. He is helped to come to terms with the changes in his life caused by his wife's loss when an oak tree falls through his sun lounge during a storm. The wife reappears in odd situations and they have brief conversations. Both poignant and humorous. Very well written.

Joel Livener, a lawyer and Jewish by birth is married to Audrey, an Englishwoman also Jewish, but neither both are non-practising and both hold very left wing views. At the beginning of a high profile trial in New York Joel has a stroke and lies in hospital in a coma. The story is narrated through the voices of Audrey and his two daughters, none of whom are particularly engaging characters.

The two daughters are unlikely characters, one is about to embrace traditional Judaism, with all the ritual that entails and the other having an affair and about to leave her husband although going through the motions of adopting a child. As the novel progresses secrets about Joel's life are revealed which shake the family. Although there is resolution for some of the characters by the end of the story the reader has to make assumption about the others.

A Joe Pickett novel. Daughter Sheridan suddenly receives text messages from years her step sister April who was thought to have been killed seven years earlier. Joe begins a hunt for her after the messages indicate that she has been abducted by an aging gangster and his son, an anti-pollulution fanatic who attacks people and companies he thinks are polluting the world. A Tony Hill murder. A Div I footballer has died of poisoning; a stand at a football stadium is bombed and an expoliceman steward dies; a millionaire lottery winner dies. Tony Hill's job is to find the link even though he is recovering in hospital from a broken knee.

Very well plotted and convincing. A killer is sending letters to young women telling them he is going to kill them. First Zoe, a young teacher, then Jennifer an almost 40 wealthy housewife, then Nadia a children's party organiser. The first two die, but Nadia gets protection and despite her police guard manages to get out and work out who the killer is and gets to him before he gets to her.

Very tense and well written. Humorous story set in a hotel in Bangalore, which is really an old people's home. The concerns and relationships between the residents are the main content of the story. I felt it lost its way a little towards the end and fizzled out. This novel is part 3 of a series concerning two families in the s. It invoves politics and a shipping company. Lots of wheeling and dealing and art fraud. The ending leaves the reader on a cliff hanger. Set in s Soviet Russia Andrei and Anna live in fear of a ring of the door bell as no one was safe from the powers that be during Stalin's reign of terror.

A Victorian murder mystery involving Ben and Lizzie Ross. Allegra Benedict, beautiful young Italian wife of wealthy art dealer is strangled in Green park. Ben officially and Lizzie, unofficially set out to find the murderer. A very readable saga, the third in a series about nineteenth century Lancashire sisters who emigrate to Australia. Pandora is unhappy in Western Australia and when Zachary Carr arrives from England to tell her and her sisters that they have inherited a thriving grocery business she decides to return to England with him.

The partly fictional events are interspersed with the story of an English GP who is undergoing severe mental stress. Their stories are told in parallel and are quite compelling. Ben Bradford, a NY high flying lawyer and serious amateur photographer discovers his wife is having an affair with a sleazy guy from across the street.

He confronts the man and a fight ensues. Ben has to flee the city and reinvent himself, twice! This novel is written partly in 3rd person present and partly in 3rd person past. Lizzie, a fifty-something actress, goes to Dunster in Somerset to try to discover the facts about the past and trace her mother's lover. It is well written with a few twists and turns and very recognisable as a Marcia Willetts novel.

Featuring police officer Harry Bosch the story involves his search for thedrugs baron half brother of a fellow policeman who has been murdered. The search leads to Mexico and the bull fighting scene. It has a good twist near the end. A Harry Bosch page turner. Bosch investigates the murder of a Danish journalist 20 years earlier during the LA riots following the Rodney King killing. A romantic thriller set in S Dakota. Lil and Cooper were childhood sweethearts but their relationship faded as they grew older and pursued their own careers.

It is not until the wildlife sanctuary that Lil runs is threatened by a serial killer with native American blood that their relationship is restored. A very dramatic ending. Set in Tennessee, Roz Harper has a thriving garden centre business which she runs from the grounds of a large house which has been passed down through generations of her family. She is anxious to catalogue the family history and employs a researcher. The resident ghost 'the Harper Bride' causes trouble. The novel is the middle one of a trilogy. Someone is out to get Enzo MacLeod and his family.

Set in several locations in France and London, near-death experiences dog him. Kirsy, his daughter, narrowly escapes death when a bomb meant for her explodes and kills a colleague. Sophie and Barnard's gym goes up in flames and Enzo himself is framed for the murder of a woman. Someone is out to get him. Well written but not an altogether satisfactory resolution.

Set mostly aboard a coastguard cutter hunting for a ship thought to be carrying a missile armed with cesium. The story jumps from place to place and character to character so is not easy to follow. There is no resolution to the dirty bomb. Some years later the hero's friend and son both die of pancreatic cancer having been close to the bomb when attempts to prevent its launch failed.

An excellent detective novel set in London. A serial killer is targetting seemingly disparate characteres and mutilating the bodies in different ways. There are strong links with the ancestry of the victims and people who trace their ancestry through various record offices. A well told murder mystery but with some events which stretch credulity. The story intertwines three themes, the continuing murders of retired nuns, the mystery of racehorse being shoved to their deaths over a cliff and the 'suicide' of a young prostitute. Katy Maguire solves them all but at great cost to herself and her colleagues.

Later the Serb was indicted for war crimes and on trial at the Hague. Edward Hammond, the surgeon receives a threat from the man's daughter - help release my father's money or he will reveal that part of the payment was the murder of Hammond's wife who was about to divorce you. There followed several weeks of charging about Europe before the situation was satisfactorily resolved.

There is a big emphasis on fashion, style and renovation in this novel. Marianne Shearer QC is found dead after appearing to throw herself from the balcony of a 6th floor hotel room. Hen Joyce, the sister of a woman decimated in the witness box by Shearer and who subsequently committed suicide, is the hero of the story. It is well told but a bit over-wordy in places. The son of a serial killer starts a murdering spree killing the offspring of his father's victims.

The father died of a brain tumour and the son is convinced that this caused his murderous behaviour and that he should have a free pardon. Tom Thorne and his team work hard to find and protect all the remaining offspring. Not as satisfying as some other Tom Thorne novels. The Railway Detective and his team set out to discover the killer of two policemen who were taking a murderer to his trial. The chase leads them across the Atlantic where they finally capture the villain and bring him back to be hanged. A Canadian woman and a Polish family are involved.

It is well crafted with a realistic denouement. Set in Devon, it brings together several of the characters of her other Devon- based novels. The story links an archaeological a dig in a Tudor monastery site to a current murder investigation. Cleverly plotted with a satisfactory outcome. A murder mystery set in a quiet Spanish holiday resort. The priest is arrested, suspected of two murders. The main protagonist Primavera Blackstone is at one point a suspect herself, but is the person who actually solves the mystery. An engaging story about the abduction of a child suffering from cancer from the hospital where he is being treated.

It involves a strange sect to which the parents belong. Taut racing thriller set against the TV commentaries of events. Clare and Mark Shillingford are twins, he a TV commentator and she an up and coming jockey. Clare appears to commit suicide, apparently jumping to her death from the 15th floor of the Park Lane Hilton. Serious blackmail is involved along with race fixing and 3 murders. A gripping read. Set in the Auvergne in a 3 star Michelin hotel, Marc Fraysse is found dead with a bullet through him in a shelter high on the mountain. The death is unsolved until Enzo McLeod is called in to investigate.

A compelling mystery. A woman, the wife of the curator of a bird sanctuary and study centre is murdered. Most of the people staying at the field centre have a reason to be glad she's dead. Thoroughly engaging until the very end. A weird book which messes with your mind. Written as a series of postings on a website 'badguysrock' it features two characters telling different people the same story, 'Blue Eyed Boy' and 'Albertine'.

BEB starts off telling the story then halfway through a middle one takes over, but he's supposed to be dead. Very confusing and unsatisfactory - or I missed something vital. An accomplished novel. Sydney, divorced then widowed by the age of 29 is tutoring Julie during the summer vacation at the family's beach house in New Hampshire.

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The two older brother's arrive and Jeff, a thirty one year old begins to woo her, but Ben, his brother is jealous. Sydney discovers that Julie has a talent for art which she encourages. Julie's father is pleased but the mother is hostile. A wedding is arranged between Jeff and Sydney but Jeff fails to turn up. Two years later Sydney discovers the truth behind his failure to turn up. The novel ends on a positive note. The story of Indina Sackville, a five times divorcee who was the great grandmother of the author.

The hedonistic self indulgent lifestyle of post WWI is vividly portrayed. Upper class open marriages were common, enabling both partners free to take lovers as and when they wanted. After leaving her first husband Indina goes to Kenya and four husbands later in she dies there. In between she lives a wild lifestyle, constantly looking for love and contentment but never finding it. A shocking but poignant portrayal of upper class life in England and the Happy Valley scene in Kenya.

Set in museums in New York Assistant DA Alex Cooper is invoved in finding the murderer of a young female worker in the museum whose body turns up some months after she first went missing perfectly preserved in a stone sarcophagus ready to be shipped overseas. Alex sets about finding out about the girl and who wanted her dead. Interdepartmental rivalries hamper her investigations but she finally gets her man.

The description of a long weekend Alex spends with girlfriends adds nothing to the story and only serves to lengthen the book. Liesel is the foster child of Rosa and Hans Uberman, her mother and younger brother having been killed in an air raid. Her friend is Rudi and during the course of the novel they find and hide a Jewish man Max Vandenberg in the cellar of the Ubermann's house. Vandenburg eventually leaves his hiding place in order not to implicate the family.

Liesel steals books from the library of the mayor and his wife. When the street is bombed and Liesel is the only survivor she goes to live with the mayor and his wife and after the war Max returns. In the epilogue it is revealed that Liesel goes to Australia, eventually marries and has children. Set in Ireland, Maggie Concannon is a glassblower creating beautiful and imaginative pieces.

Rogan Sweeney, a Dublin art entrepreneur commissions pices from her for his gallery and puts on an exhibition of her work. Inevitably the two fall in love but Maggie is reluctant to marry him because of the experience of her parents' bitter breakup. The details of the art of glassblowing are fascinating, but the book looses points as the author is American and doesn't bother to research Irish vernacular - 'gotten' and 'sidewalk' are not in common usage in Ireland neither is the use of 'the fall' for Autumn.

Jack McEvoy, a journalist from a previous novel is also included. There are plenty of twists to the story but they are always believable. Haller inherits the caseload of a fellow lawyer who has been murdered and takes on the case of Walter Elliot a fim maker. A different sort of story for NE. It involves Tom, brought up by his grandparents, who he thinks are his actual parents. His 'sister' takes him to Hollywood where she is idolized as a new rising star. He is thrilled because he is a coyboys and Indians fan. The story dips between Tom, past and present and his sister Diane.

It is well written with drama and poignancy. A cracking Joe Picket thriller. Greed and corruption involved with real estate and the Environment Protection Agency. It involves long treks through the Wyoming mountains, a wildfire and an unscheduled journey down a river through a canyon holding onto a log. The idea for the story came from a real situation. Compelling thriller set in Wyoming. A man is told he cannot build on the land he has bought; he must restore it to its natural state immediately and pay an exorbitant fine for every day until the job is complete. Joe Pickett is called in when two men who came to enforce the order are found dead and buried in the plot.

A sequel to Wolf Hall, this novel traces the demise of Anne Boleyn during the last months of her life. It is told in the third person through the voice of Thomas Cromwell and is easier to follow that Wolf Hall. Set in a castle in the Scottish Highlands which Charlie Stuart! The new wife turns out to be a gold-digger and tries to swindle the castle out of Charlie when his father dies.

Charlie's wife dies in childbirth which does nothing for the plot except to heap trials on Charlie and emphasise how well he survives. A sub-plot involving Eastern European students doesn't get anywhere and in the final chapters a very unlikely event occurs. Very lightweight and stretches credulity to the limit - but nicely written.

Michael Kennedy is a senior detective in the Dublin police force. A multiple murder case brings him into contact with rookie detective Richie Curran. The two soon achieve a rapport and are working well together. The murder involves a father and his two children with the wife seriously ill with knife wounds. There are several likely suspects but it takes over pages for the situation to be resolved. A good plot marred by too much unnecessary introspective detail and Keneddy's mentally disturbed sister which added nothing to the story.

David Harwood returns to his home town, Promise Falls, after the death of his wife. He is a journalist and has taken a job with the local paper only to find it closed down on the day he arrives in the town. He becomes involved in looking for the murderer of a woman and the abduction of a baby. A good story line well told. Katie McGuire is working on a case of murdered priests. They have all been castrated before being killed and left in easy to find locations.

Eventually she discovers what links the priests and the grim reason for their deaths, comitted by a team of choirboys who were trained for the Pope's visit to Ireland in the early s. This is something of a Da Vinci Code look-alike. It jumps about from various periods in history to a Turkish community in present day Turin. The Turks are trying to retrieve the holy shroud which they insist belongs to them and was stolen.

A hermit is found dead in the bistro of Gabri and Olivier. No one knows who he is or how he got into the bistro, as it is clear frpm the head wound but lack of blood at the scene, that he was not killed there. Engaging and the best of the three Louise Penny mysteries I have read. Police investigation into possible child abuse perpetrated by a minor royal linked to the palace.

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The story has a good conclusion, but keeps going a bit too long after the denouement, so the end is a bit flat. Lizzie Bartholomew, a social worker, meets Phillip Sansom on holiday in Morocco where they have a brief affair. The hunt leads to two murders and a huge fraud. A convoluted crime story with a lot of characters, mostly police personnel. It involves kidnap and murder squads and paedophilia.

However Billingham draws all the pieces together at the end to result in a satisfactory conclusion. The course also steered me to The Writer magazine. My first attempt at their word competition achieved a win, and others followed. Encouraged, I knuckled down to write and study how to analyze markets and plot stories. My first magazine sale was in and within a short time I was a regular contributor to Parade with adventure and crime tales.

I was so successful that the course administrators asked me to be a tutor but the role clashed with my naval career — I had to be on the end of a phone. Hovering in the background was the idea of one day writing a western, but I felt that this was a pipe dream.

I used to smoke a pipe but discontinued some time before our daughter was born. I should have analyzed that belief, really.

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Since my early failures, I put off starting another novel until You guessed it — a spy yarn. It was inspired by a fun ouija session while on course in a naval barracks. As the psychic aspect was the crux of the story, that was it, I guessed. I moved on to co-write with a fellow karate enthusiast a fantasy quest novel, which took a few years since we both lived long-distance and all correspondence was snail-mail then.

Time passed during which I acquired many reference books on the Old West. I left the navy, became an IT analyst and was involved in producing a small press science fiction magazine, Auguries , for many years.

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I felt my efforts should be directed towards SF, fantasy and horror and had some success with short stories. After I was made redundant, my wife Jennifer and I decided to move to Spain early. That was in December I also became sub-editor of a monthly magazine, the Portsmouth Post , continuing even after I moved to Spain. In or thereabouts, I entered a Writing Magazine competition, the subject being "Chance would be a fine thing". But I enjoyed the research and creating the characters.

At about the same time, a phrase kept haunting me and I made a note, a beginning for a western: "He wore black. Black for mourning. About a year later, as I was having no luck with my other genre books, I finally decided to write a western. First, though, I needed to do some market research. It had to be destiny. As luck would have it, a secondhand bookshop in our urbanization in Spain was selling a stack of Black Horse Westerns.

I promptly bought ten and started to read and analyze them. I began my western Death at Bethesda Falls on 20 August, and worked on it for eight days when I was informed that my competition entry first three chapters for the Harry Bowling Prize was a contender. I attended the ceremony, was joint runner up and diverted my energies to rewriting the novel Pain Wears No Mask in three months for an agent. The agent was enthusiastic but said "no", so, undeterred, I went back to the western on 18 January, and finished it 11 days later. At this point I decided I wanted a different pen-name for my westerns and settled on Ross Morton.

I sent off the first three chapters to Hale on 13 February, received a note asking for the rest and sent the full MS on 22 February and received the acceptance letter on 28 February. After very many years, I had finally achieved the sale of a novel! To help me with Death at Bethesda Falls , I drew a street map of the town, with names for the various businesses and citizens. Also I drew and labeled the outlying ranches, their owners, the land leading to the falls and the mountains. This would assist me in orientation during the writing.

Character sketches and back story developed gradually as the plot unfolded; 11 characters described in all. I prefer chapters to have titles — goes a long way back, I suppose, to enjoying those cryptic chapter headings of Fleming. If I can invoke a little wordplay as well, that suits me fine. Besides true love overcoming many obstacles, this book is about the past returning to haunt and do evil.

Rather than sit around waiting for the book to be published, I was busy writing other novels — The Prague Manuscript and its sequel, The Tehran Transmission. That short story about the saloon came to mind and initially became the beginning chapter, but as the characters intertwined, additional sub-plots convinced me that the start had to be a stage robbery. It seemed a waste not to use the same town, so I did, including some minor characters who were brought to more prominence.

Originally entitled Showdown at Bethesda Falls , I started it on 15 May, and from then till mid-October spent some 30 days on it. Mayo for the Express Westerns imprint. My short story Bubbles was one of 14 featured. In all, there were 17 described characters in my second western. This was harder, and more words, because I was dealing with several character storylines converging to the showdown.

The story begins and ends with the stagecoach driver, Alfred. Chapter 1 became "The House Always Wins", but was not the original short story in its entirety as other plot ingredients were now in the mix. Two chapters refer to "Chance" and "A Gamble" since the book involved gambling. The story is about the small people standing up to be counted, to fight for what is right. I sent off the three chapters on 17 October, , was asked for the full MS three days later and received an acceptance on 15 November.

I offered several alternatives and they went for Last Chance Saloon. Sounded a bit like a cut-price Six Million Dollar Man, which convinced me the character had to have some kind of prosthetic — and settled on a hook in place of a hand he lost in the War. Even so, the plotting took five days over as many months, while I worked on other projects. Then on 4 April, I started in earnest and in a different fictitious town, as the storyline demanded it. This was a complex story and there were 28 described characters. The word-count was roughly the same as Last Chance and it took 31 days to write and self-edit.

The first and last chapters are titled "The Hook" and "El Gancho", the latter being Spanish for "the hook". While the hero is pretty handy with his hook, which is interchangeable with other utilities, he is also useful with the pen, as seen in Chapter 12, "The pen is mightier…" The two main protagonists enjoy poetry, notably Whitman and Rossetti, which may be a bit of a departure for a western. While this is another tale about the past emerging to confront the hero, it also says that something good can come out of the carnage of war.

All three books have this kind of hero — James D. And of course a slew of bad guys, some of them being quite sympathetic. There are 21 short stories, almost , words. It should be out at the end of the year or early The friendships between BHW writers are commonly formed and maintained online. They were first introduced to each other by fellow western writer Peter Watts aka Matt Chisholm way back in Recently, they got together in person for the first time in almost 30 years, and more than made up for lost time. For Mike, the highlight of his trip from Derbyshire to Dave's place on England's east coast was realizing a long-held ambition to buy a Henry repeater.

For Dave it was simply not getting shot at! Mike, a fan from way back of slim, original western paperbacks of the Gold Medal type, "was mightily impressed". Dave, who had a lot to do with the BHE book's production, said he found it ironic that the first book in the new venture was not reaching a wider audience. Along the way he crosses paths with a young Spanish mining engineer accused of robbing a mine Noriega , and the two slowly strike up a friendship.

The characters face life and death, and other very important matters freedom, commitment, loyalty, courage, treachery, justice, friendship…and even love in very pure and simple terms. The decisions they make are not only very dramatic, but set examples. What more can you ask from a film? Until now, it was understood Hale's policy on western reprints was to limit them to books that had appeared before only overseas or in a paperback, non-library format. Asked about the December book, bibliographer Steve Holland told us, "I t was originally published by Hale themselves back in Keith Chapman aka Chap O'Keefe tells us, "I met Arthur in the s when he was working in the syndication department of Beaverbrook Press and I was a teenage junior on the editorial staff of the Sexton Blake detective series.

I'm looking forward to reading his western, which I haven't seen before. I always held Arthur's work in high regard. The first story was an obligatory rare Wallace item, of course. At the time, Arthur was aged 38, had worked for the Australian Daily Mirror and the London News Chronicle and was the author of some 20 books. Nik Morton , contributor of our lead article, can boast a clutch of great reviews for his Ross Morton stories.

Here is a selection. I couldn't put it down. A thoroughly enjoyable read. It is not a typical western — it has character, humour and storylines with enough questions in the plot to maintain interest from beginning to end. Strongly recommended. One of the very best tales is Bubbles by Ross Morton, a work that starts out typically enough with Josh Mason and Scott Finley wrangling a herd of longhorns through a storm-swelled river. The good people at Magna Books recently sent out a plea for more westerns, prompted by a shortage of top-rated titles with world large-print rights available.

More details can be found at Dave's Ben Bridges website. The books will be available worldwide, "including the United States of America and its dependencies". Dales will reissue all five. The Sheriff and the Widow was first published in book form in but is currently available only as an e-book at Gary Dobbs' Tainted Archive site. The first and second of the four feature the popular ex-Pinkerton adventurer Joshua Dillard. Reader "Mister Roy" Bayfield , who is director of corporate marketing for English university Edge Hill, commented on the Dales moves at the Tainted Archive blog: " Good news for the book-on-paper enthusiast.

Just read Misfit Lil Gets Even O'Keefe writes a fast-moving tale with panache, great characters and a real-West feel. I'll certainly look these out. Kirby , Tyler Hatch on his 52nd wedding anniversary. Congratulations are in order this time, too — on Keith's 80th birthday.

He says, "I had a great birthday. Went down to [my daughter] Chris's for the weekend and she took me to a place called The Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon. Beauty, mate! Plain plank floors, patchy walls of corrugated iron or old timber, genuine heads of bison, longhorn steers, deer, wild boars and wanted posters of the James Brothers and so on.

Also warning signs everywhere: Don't Mess With Texas! Gen-u-ine Texas steaks, which were good but nothing out of the ordinary. Then someone let slip it was my birthday and the staff descended on the table and I had to stand up while they put me through their version of Happy Birthday. Lots of hand clapping and yeeee-hahs! Then they presented me with a fish bowl full of ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Not cowboy fare, but the gesture was nice I dunno how readers take these things when they realize, with a bit of a shock, that some old bugger who can only shuffle around is writing all this action stuff.

Incidentally, I can hardly believe I've hit the 80 mark myself. Mentally, I don't feel it; physically — well, that old saw about the spirit being willing, etc. Anyway, I know there are a few more hard-riding heroes hidden away in the depths of the old grey matter A report from the Associated Press quoted Martina Hagedorn , secretary of a country and western club based in Oberursel, near Frankfurt.

Founded in on a lark after someone's birthday, the Bommersheim group now has more than members. Every Thursday night, Martina dons her boots and cowboy hat — and sometimes a fake pistol — and lets her inner Texan take over. The fascination is evident across the country. Mock battles between Germans dressed as cowboys and Indians draw crowds, as do Texas-themed restaurants with names like the Texas Bar. In Berlin, visitors to Old Texas Town can tour "Main Street", stop by the Bank of Texas and a gold mine, then practise square-dancing or drop in for a drink at a saloon.

Though many Germans express disdain for things they identify with Texas — the death penalty, gun rights, George W. Bush — their fascination with the state reflects longstanding cultural and economic ties. Author Karl May , famous in Germany for westerns he wrote in the s, also deserves some of the credit.

Though he never visited the US, his books sold millions and created perceptions that persist today.

Residents flock to Murder Mystery night at local sports club - BOSC

A hugely popular actress, Lillie was the daughter of a dean and came to London from the Channel Islands. House member in North Carolina Cochran, Johnnie L. Who became a legal superstar after helping clear O. Cockburn, Alexander Longtime columnist for The Nation magazine Cocker, Joe Award winning British singer Coe, George Veteran film and TV character actor Coe-Jones, Dawn Canadian hall of fame golfer Coffey, J.

Cogdill, Gail Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Cognito, Ian British comedian died on stage during stand-up routine Cohen, Avi Liverpool defender and first Israeli to play in England''s top soccer league Cohen, Carla Co-owner of popular D. Cohen, Leonard Legendary singer-songwriter penned "Hallelujah" Cole, George Veteran British actor known best for "Minder" Cole, Natalie Grammy-winning singer Coleman, Jerry Hall of Fame broadcaster Coleman, Ornette Innovative jazz saxophonist and composer Collapse Victims, Mecca Crane More than 65 people killed in crane accident at mosque Colledge, Cecilia Innovative figure skater was the youngest athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics Collier, Jason Atlanta Hawks center Collins, Bud Sportscaster provided decades of tennis commentary on TV Collins, Jerry Former All Blacks rugby player Colmes, Alan Radio and TV political talk show host Colvin, Marie Respected American war reporter Commoner, Barry Scientist and one of the pioneers of the environmental movement Como, Perry Crooning baritone barber known for his relaxed vocals, cardigan sweaters and TV specials Compton, Lynn D.

Kennedy's limousine Acclaimed author of twin novels "Mrs. Bridge" and "Mr. Conner, Bruce Beat-era artist made groundbreaking avant-garde films Connors, Mike Actor starred on the detective series "Mannix" Connors, Tom Country-folk singer and one of Canada's biggest cultural icons Conrad, Paul Political cartoonist who won three Pulitzer Prizes Conroy, Pat Best-selling author drew upon rough childhood experience as military brat Cooley, Denton Surgeon performed world's first artificial heart implant Cooley, E.

Cooper, Henry Heavyweight boxer once knocked down Muhammad Ali Cooper, Jackie Won a best actor Oscar nomination at the age of Cope, Myron Screechy-voiced announcer's colorful catch phrases became symbols of the Pittsburgh Steelers Cordice, John W. Surgeon was part of the medical team that saved Martin Luther King Jr Corey, Mary J. First woman to hold the top editorial post at The Baltimore Sun newspaper Corliss, Richard Time magazine longtime film critic Cornelius, Don "Soul Train" creator and longtime host Coryell, Don NFL coach and a founding father of modern passing game Coryell, Larry Jazz guitarist was known as the Godfather of Fusion Jon Corzine Cossette, John Longtime executive producer of the Grammy Awards Cossiga, Francesco Former President of Italy Costanza, Margaret Veteran political activist and women's rights champion Cotton, Dorothy Civil rights pioneer worked alongside the Rev.

Cotton, James Legendary blues harp player won a Grammy in Courreges, Andre French fashion designer and miniskirt pioneer Court, Hazel English actress starred in popular horror movies of the s and '60s Courtenay, Bryce Best-selling Australian author Covey, Joy Former Amazon executive Covey, Stephen R. Covington, Joey Former Jefferson Airplane drummer Cowan, George Manhattan Project scientist Cowden, Gordon W. Craig Lewis, Joyce Female Philadelphia firefighter dies in house fire Craighead George, Jean Newbery Medal-winning author Cramer, Richard Ben Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Crane, Phil Former Illinois congressman Crash Victims, Colombia Plane 75 people, including many soccer players, are killed Crash Victims, Colorado Van Amtrak train-van collision leaves 5 dead Crash Victims, Flydubai All 62 people onboard the aircraft have died Crash Victims, Georgia Southern Five students killed in multiple vehicle crash Crash Victims, Philly Amtrak Eight dead after train derailed Craven, Wes Iconic film director whose name is synonymous with horror Crenchaw, Milton One of the last original Tuskegee Airmen instructors Crewe, Bob Wrote string of hits for the Four Seasons Crews, Harry Author and cult favorite whose hard and crazy times inspired his brutal tales Croker, C.

Crough, Suzanne "The Partridge Family" child star Crowder, Eddie Spent nearly half a century as U. Crumley, James Crime novelist whose hardened detectives worked cases in dingy Montana bars Cullen, H. Jay Trooper died in helicopter crash at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.. Cummings, Bart Legendary Australian racehorse trainer Cunningham, Merce Avant-garde dancer and choreographer who revolutionized modern dance Cuomo, Mario Former governor or New York Curran, Jack High school coaching great Curtis, Ann Swimmer won three medals at the Olympic Games Cygan, John Actor played a detective on "The Commish" D'Amico, Cecchi Screenwriter of classic Italian neo-realist films Dahl, Sandy Widow of pilot of United Flight 93 dies Dailey, Janet Romance writer whose books sold more than million copies Daily, Bill Comedic TV sidekick Dal Canton, Bruce Former teacher had a lengthy career as a major league pitcher and coach Dale, Dick "King of the Surf Guitar" Dale Oen, Alexander World champion swimmer from Norway Daley, Maggie Former Chicago first lady Dalla, Lucio Italian singer-songwriter sold millions of records worldwide Daly, Mary Radical feminist theology professor Dana, Bill Famed research test pilot Dana , Paul Indy Racing League driver, and former motorsports journalist Daniels, Paul British magician and entertainer Dankworth, John British jazz composer, saxophonist and band leader Danto, Arthur C.

Groundbreaking art critic Darcel, Denise French-born actress known for vampy roles Dark, Alvin Longtime manager and star shortstop Darling, Jean Child actor in the "Our Gang" comedy film series Davenport, Lee Developed radar that helped U. David, Hal Legendary songwriter partnered with Burt Bacharach Davidson, Bill Detroit Pistons owner and noted philanthropist Davidson, Gordon Film, theater director founded L.

Davidson, Michael J. Cardiac surgeon who was fatally shot Davies, Howard Acclaimed British theatre director Davies, John Howard Cherubic child actor became influential British television producer Davis, Ann B. Actress on "The Brady Bunch" Davis, Jack Champion hurdler won two Olympic silver medals in the s Davis, Jo Ann Virginia's first woman elected to Congress Davis, Kevin J. Member of the Navy Blue Angels died in a crash while performing Davis, Michael Bassist of influential late s rock band MC Davis, Ossie An actor distinguished for roles dealing with racial injustice on stage, screen and in real life Davis, Sam Steelers guard won 4 Super Bowls as part of their s dynasty Davis, Shaniya 5-year-old had been missing for one week Davis, Steve Former Oklahoma quarterback Dawkins, Darryl NBA player known for his thunderous dunks Dawkins, Jimmy Chicago bluesman Dayan, Assi Iconic Israeli filmmaker Dayton, Bruce Retailer built family's company into what became Target De Laurentiis, Dino Prolific film producer and entrepreneur Dean, Jimmy Country music legend and sausage entrepreneur Dean, Millvina Last survivor of the "unsinkable" Titanic Deaver, Michael Close adviser to Ronald Reagan DeBakey, Michael Cardiovascular surgeon who pioneered heart bypass surgery DeBerry, Lois Longtime Tenn.

DeBruin, Lynn Associated Press sports writer DeCarava, Roy Photographer who captured Harlem's everyday life DeCrow, Karen Women's rights movement leader Dee, Paul Former University of Miami athletic director Dee, Ruby Beloved actor and civil rights activist Dee, Sandra The blond beauty who attracted a large teen audience in the s Del Pozo, Jesus One of Spain's most influential style modernizers Della Casa, Lisa Opera diva widely acclaimed as one of the finest sopranos of her generation The innovative automaker who left a promising career in Detroit to develop the stainless steel-skinned Delp, Brad Lead singer for the band Boston Demps, Benjamin Former Kansas City school superintendent Denktash, Rauf Former Turkish Cypriot leader Denmark, Leila Oldest practicing physician in the world Dennis, Herman D.

Denver, Bob Whose portrayal of goofy first mate Gilligan on the s television show "Gilligan's Island" made him an iconic figure Derby, Pat 'Flipper,' 'Lassie' trainer-turned-activist Derr, Allen Idaho lawyer won landmark anti-discrimination case Derwinski, Edward First U. Desio, Alfred Broadway veteran invented a form of electronically enhanced tap dancing called Tap-Tronics Dewdney, Anna Best-selling children's author was known for her "Llama Llama" stories Di Stefano, Alfredo Real Madrid soccer great Di Stefano, Giuseppe One of the greatest tenors of the 20th century Dickens, Hazel Folk singer and bluegrass musician who advocated for coal miners Dickens, Jimmy Oldest Opry Member Diddley, Bo Rock 'n' roll innovator inspired with distinctive "shave and a haircut, two bits" rhythm Didlake, Emma A Michigan woman believed to be the nation's oldest veteran Dienstbier, Jiri Czech dissident who helped topple Communist regime Dietrich II, William S.

Steel executive-turned-philanthropist who pledged major gifts to universities Diller, Phyllis Pioneering standup comic DiLorenzo, Francis X. Roman Catholic clergyman served as bishop of Richmond, Virginia, for 13 years Dingell, John Longest-serving Congressman in U. DiPaolo, Frank Political mentor to former U. Patrick Kennedy Disney, Roy Walt Disney nephew who twice led shareholder revolts Senator of Illinois Dixon, Jessy Gospel singer and songwriter Djerassi, Carl Widely considered the father of the birth control pill Doar, John Notable civil rights lawyer Dobbs, Quail Beloved rodeo clown Dobson, Tamara Tall, stunning model-turned-actress who portrayed Cleopatra Jones Doctorow, E.

Best-selling novelist who penned "Ragtime," "Billy Bathgate" Doerflein, Thomas Zookeeper gained fame for hand-rearing Knut the polar bear Doherty, Denny One-quarter of the s folk-rock group the Mamas and the Papas Doig, Ivan Award-winning author from Montana Dolby, Ray Audio pioneer founded Dolby Laboratories Doll, Dora German-born actress whose film credits include "Julia" Dolman, Nancy Actress and wife of actor Martin Short Donaldson, George Celtic Thunder's principal singer Dorman, Lee Bassist for psychedelic rock band Iron Butterfly Dorn, Joel Grammy-winning record producer whose career spanned 40 years Douglas, Diana Actress, model, and mother of Michael Douglas Douglas, Ellen Author of the acclaimed novel "Apostles of Light" Douglas, Mike Who drew on his affable personality and singing talent during 21 years as a talk show host Douglass, Dexter Attorney who represented Al Gore during the election recount of Dow, Nancy Actress-model was the mother of actress Jennifer Aniston Drake, Evelyn and Gilbert Couple married 78 years dies within 48 hours of one another Drake, Larry Emmy-winning actor from "L.

Drew, Ronnie founding member of the Irish folk group The Dubliners Dreyfus, Lee Sherman Former Wisconsin governor was known for his businesslike approach to politics Drowning Victims, Refugee At least 34 people dead while trying to sail away from Turkey Drummond-Webb, Jonathan A heart surgeon whose work was the focus of a four-part television series Dryden, Spencer The drummer for legendary rock band the Jefferson Airplane Dubrow, Kevin Lead singer for the s heavy metal band Quiet Riot Ducommun, Rick Actor and comedian known for his role in the film "The 'Burbs" Duke, George Grammy-winning jazz keyboardist and producer Dulbecco, Renato Shared Nobel Prize in medicine for his cancer research Duncan, Michael Clarke Academy Award nominated actor Duncan, Thomas Patient diagnosed with Ebola virus in Dallas Dunham, Katherine A pioneering dancer and choreographer, author and civil rights activist Dunham, Madelyn Grandmother of Barack Obama was the cornerstone of her family Dunn, Holly Former country singer had two No.

Dunn, Jennifer Former Republican Congresswoman represented Seattle's east-side suburbs for six terms Dunn, Katherine Author penned the best-selling novel "Geek Love" Dunne, Carlin Record-breaking motorcycle racer Dunne, Dominick Journalist and best-selling author of crime stories Dunsworth, John Actor best known as Mr. Dural Jr. Durbin, Deanna Early Hollywood superstar Duren, Ryne All-Star pitcher known for his fastball, occasional wildness and thick glasses Senator from New Hampshire Durning, Charles "King of character actors" Dussourd, Maryetta Mother exposed clergy abuse Dwyer, Joseph Photo of former Army medic carrying an injured boy received international media attention Dysart, Richard Veteran actor starred on "L.

Eagleburger, Lawrence S. The only career foreign service officer to rise to the position of secretary of state Eagleton, Thomas Former U. Earnhardt, Dale Auto racing's "Intimidator" Earthquake Victims, Indonesia At least 97 people dead in Aceh province Earthquake Victims, Italian At least people have died in an earthquake in central Italy Easterling, Ray Former Atlanta Falcons safety Ecker, James Prominent Pittsburgh defense attorney Economaki, Chris Regarded as the authoritative voice in motorsports Edelman, Daniel J.

Built one of the world's top public relations companies Edelman, Marek The last surviving leader of the Warsaw ghetto revolt against the Nazis Edgar, Robert W. Represented Pennsylvania for six terms in the House of Representatives Edmiston, Walker Actor was the voice of many cartoon and puppet characters, including Ernie the Keebler elf Representative from California Edwards, Elizabeth Attorney and author was married to politician John Edwards Edwards, Geoff Hosted game shows including "Jackpot!

Edwards, Kenny Original member of the Stone Poneys country-rock band Edwin Edwards Edwards, Robert Nobel prizewinner for pioneering in vitro fertilization research Egypt A member of Egypt's last royal family Ehrhardt, Karl The sign man of Shea Stadium Ekberg, Anita 'La Dolce Vita' actress Ekvall, Eva Former Miss Venezuela Elias, Buddy Holocaust diarist Anne Frank's last close kin Eliot, Valerie Widow of T. Eliot and zealous guardian of the poet's literary legacy Elizabeth, Queen Mother A symbol of courage and dignity during a tumultuous century Elkabetz, Ronit Israeli actress won multiple film awards Ellen Mark, Mary Legendary documentary photographer Elliott, Bob Half of the famous Bob and Ray comedy team Elliott, Patricia Tony-winning actress and TV soap star Ellis, Albert Considered by many to be among the most influential figures in modern psychology Ellis, Alton Reggae pioneer enjoyed a recent career revival after hits in the s Ellis, David R.

Actor-turned-stuntman-turned-director of "Snakes on a Plane" Ellis, Dock Went with a 3. Ellis, Jimmy Ex-boxing champion Ellison, Lillian Professional wrestling's Fabulous Moolah Ely, Jack "Louie Louie" singer English, Kim Gospel and house music singer Entwistle, John Founding member of and bassist for the rock band The Who Erbakan, Necmettin Former Turkish prime minister Erde, Betty Skelton Auto racing pioneer who was once the fastest woman on Earth Erickson, Roky Pioneering psychedelic rocker Ermey, R.

Ertegun, Ahmet Atlantic Records founder helped define American music Erwin, Bill Character actor known for his role as the grumpy old man on "Seinfeld" Escalante, Jaime The high school teacher who inspired the movie "Stand and Deliver" Esper, George AP correspondent covered the fall of Saigon Estep, Maggie Novelist and spoken-word poet Ettlinger, Harry L. Evans, Lane Former U. Evans, Rachel Held Best-selling progressive Christian author Evans, Terence Federal appeals judge celebrated for injecting humor and eschewing legalese Everett, Austen Goalkeeper for the Miami Hurricanes Everly, Phil Formed the influential harmony duo with his brother, Don Evert, Miltiades Greek conservative and former mayor of Athens Evora, Cesaria Grammy-winning singer Explosion Victims, Boston Marathon Boston victims mourned as hunt for bombers continues Faas, Horst Prize-winning combat photographer Fabiola, Queen Widow of former Belgian king Fairbanks, Chuck Former Patriots coach Fairfax, John First known person to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean Faiss, Wilbur Oldest former Nevada state lawmaker Falk, Peter Actor who became identified as the squinty, rumpled detective in "Columbo" Falwell, Jerry Founded the Moral Majority and built the religious right into a political force Falwell, Macel Widow of the Rev.

Jerry Falwell Sr Family, Glauber Expectant family killed in Brooklyn hit-and-run accident Family, Hudson Mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew of Jennifer Hudson were killed Family, Lamas Father and son killed in California shooting Family, Lupoe Wife and five children killed by man upset at the loss of his job Farentino, James Actor who appeared in dozens of movies and television shows Fasi, Frank Former Honolulu mayor ran unsuccessfully for governor five times Favio, Leonardo Argentine movie director, actor and singer Fawcett, Farrah Actress best known for her role in "Charlie's Angels" Featherstone, Don Creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo Fei-fei, Feng s Taiwanese pop diva Fekete, Thomas Guitarist co-founded the alt rock band Surfer Blood Feldstein, Al Headed Mad magazine Feliciano, Cheo Puerto Rican salsa legend Felker, Clay Founding editor of New York magazine revolutionized the genre Fellows, Edith Child actress who was the subject of a famous custody case Ferguson, Maynard Jazz trumpeter known for his soaring high notes and for his hit recording of "Gonna Fly Now" Ferkauf, Eugene Founder of the E.

Korvette chain of discount stores Ferrari, Leon Artist and human rights activist Ferraro, Geraldine First woman to run for vice president Ferrer, Mel Actor in more than films was once married to Audrey Hepburn Fey, Barry Music promoter brought legendary acts to Colorado Fidrych, Mark Colorful former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Fieger, Doug Singer of the hit "My Sharona" Field, Syd Author of screenplay manual Fignon, Laurent Two-time Tour de France champion Fike, Lamar Member of Elvis Presley's famed inner circle Finch, Larry Former pro basketball player coached his alma mater Memphis for 11 seasons Finney, Albert Oscar-nominated British actor Firefighters, Arizona 19 firefighters killed while battling a wildfire in Arizona Firefighters, Charleston Nine firefighters died while fighting a blaze at a furniture warehouse Firefighters, Houston Four firefighters killed by blaze at Southwest Inn Firth, Vic Renowned musician and visionary drumstick maker Fischer, Bobby Reclusive chess master was a Cold War icon Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich Renowned German baritone singer Fisher, Dave Lead singer of the popular s folk group The Highwaymen Fisher, Donald G.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist co-founded apparel giant Gap Inc Fisher, Eddie Pop singer whose clear voice brought him a devoted following of teenage girls in the s Fitch, Denny Pilot who helped fly crippled jet in Fleischmann, Martin Achieved nuclear fusion in a glass bottle in Fleishaker, Joe Actor played roles in cult movies from Troma Entertainment Flight , Comair A Comair flight carrying 50 people Hard-driving executive worked his way up the publishing ladder Flowers, Jimi U.