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Kryger makes a point to discuss the route of self-treatment, while also taking a dive into the wide array of RLS symptom and treatment scenarios that exist. I found it refreshing that he included discussion about sleep and preeclampsia, for instance. He previously served as director of the Sleep Disorders Centre at St.

Boniface Hospital Research Centre; its lab was the first in Canada to study patients with sleep breathing problems. Research from the center has appeared in more than research reports and book chapters. Kryger specializes in sleep-breathing disorders, especially those with a neurological connection. For instance, neuroscience is bringing forth many new genetic theories about the brain, and Kryger might consider boiling these down in a separate book on the latest developments in sleep neuroscience. Discussions about the ongoing dilemma of health insurance reimbursement could probably use more attention, as patients need to learn more and better ways to practice self-advocacy inside our labyrinthine medical care system itself a kind of mystery.

The mystery of why we sleep - Neuroscience News

Wearables and consumer sleep technology were not a topic in TMoS. Still, this is a topic that needs a bigger platform. People are turning to these options in place of direct medical care, however blindly.

Kryger could bring the critical thinking and guidance necessary for such a dialog. And the opioid epidemic should be a big part of any contemporary book about sleep, given the nightmare of sleep issues that addiction recovery brings, as well as drug interactions and adverse side effects that lead to sleep problems even months after detox.

Insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness and respiratory depression during sleep are all common and undesired results of opioid use, abuse or withdrawal. Savvy patients who want help with this or other sleep problems can walk away from TMoS feeling more empowered to take charge of their obstacles to good sleep.

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His writing style is friendly, instructive and pleasant to read. The format of TMoS arises organically from the points he wants to drive home about sleep. Available in audiobook, audio CD, paperback, hardcover and digital versions. Categories Follow Us Subscribe.

The Mystery of Sleep: Why a Good Night’s Rest Is Vital to a Better, Healthier Life

When they genetically activated these R2 neurons, the fruit flies began to sleep, and even continued to sleep hours after the neurons were activated Figure 1. The researchers then inactivated these neurons in sleep-deprived flies to see how removing R2 neuronal activity affected sleep. Normally, sleep-deprived flies get extra sleep, called rebound sleep, to make up their sleep debt. When R2 neurons are silenced in sleep-deprived flies, however, they get less rebound sleep.

This means that R2 neurons are important for helping the flies get more sleep after deprivation Figure 1. By using a special technique to visualize neurons in live animals, Dr. These results are exciting because they suggest that changes in activity of a specific group of neurons can control sleep drive. Figure 1. R2 neurons important for sleep drive. When R2 neurons were activated in flies, the flies slept. When R2 neurons were blocked in sleep-deprived flies, the flies slept less than they normally would after sleep deprivation. The incentive for studying sleep in fruit flies is to understand how we can treat human sleep disorders and other diseases linked with sleep problems.

One study has shown that sleep deprivation in young flies impacts their brain development, which suggests that sleep during childhood is critical for proper brain development.


Another study showed that a gene called translin is important for keeping hungry flies awake. This result ties sleep regulation to metabolism and points to the possibility that sleep loss in humans might be linked to metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

These studies in fruit flies are important because they potentially show what is happening at the genetic and molecular level during sleep in animals - findings that may hold true for humans. But they are also powerful because they reinforce our intuitive understanding of sleep. Sleep affects several other processes important for health, such as development and metabolism. The fact that disrupting sleep impacts animals as distant from humans as flies demonstrates the evolutionary importance of sleep and it's ancient relationship to our health - we need to better understand the science underlying sleep and ways to treat sleep disorders in humans.

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