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Ward of golden gate. Heritage of Dedlow Marsh.

Knight-errant of the foot-hills. A secret of telegraph hill. Captain Jim's friend. Trent's trust.

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MacGlowrie's widow. A ward of Colonel Starbottle's. Prosper's "old mother.

A pupil of Chestnut Ridge. Dick Boyle's business card. The crusade of the Excelsior. Condensed novels ; new burlesques. Barker's luck. A yellow dog. A mother of five. Bulger's reputation. In the tules.

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A convert of the mission. The indiscretion of Elsbeth.

The devotion of Enriquez. Bohemian papers cont. Complete poetical works. Openings in the old trail.

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How I went to the mines. Under the redwoods. From sand hill to pine. A tourist from "Injianny". Jack Hamlin's mediation.

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Two men of Sandy Bar. Stories in light and shadow. Argonauts of North Liberty. Tales of trail and town. His support for Native Americans in the area was unpopular and after settlers were killed in he lost his job. Harte moved to San Francisco where he worked for the Golden Era before becoming the editor of the Californian. One of those he employed on the journal was Mark Twain who later claimed Harte "trimmed and trained and schooled me from an awkward utterer of coarse grotesqueness to a writer of paragraphs and chapters.

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In Harte became editor of the Overland Monthly when it was established in San Francisco in Over the next two years Harte established it as one of America's leading literary journals. Harte also published his own poems and stories in the journal, including the famous The Luck of Roaring Camp and Outcasts of Poker Flat. This book was extremely popular and Harte became well-known literary figure throughout the United States.