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Quite honestly, there were just not enough hours in the day — that was until OrCam.

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With a point of my finger either directly towards my computer screen or from a printed page, I am able to listen to every application. Yes, half! Moving from a previous hour review time to approximately 6 hours per application. Overall, OrCam has made me a more productive employee, providing me with job security and giving me far greater earning potential. So what am I doing with all that extra time? Well, let me tell you, A LOT!

Too often, we over extend ourselves. Thanks to OrCam , I have been able to complete my work more efficiently, leaving me extra time for more snuggles, stories, and crafting with my kiddos. Oh yeah, and all that other fun stuff that comes with motherhood like cooking, dinner, laundry and — okay, okay, and the husband. I am convinced, if utilized on a wider scale, devices like OrCam could absolutely create a shift in the paradigm of visually impaired individuals seeking to become more equal, active participants, in the workforce. We must continue to advocate to our local state commissions, and within the blind community as a whole, to further study the technology of artificial vision.

OrCam has given us the power — we simply need to harness it. No compensation was provided to Blind Motherhood to review this product. So what the hell do all these numbers mean? Stay with me. The Gift of Time: So what am I doing with all that extra time? Disability and Health Journal , 10 1 , 58— Boylan B, et al.

Body mass index and waist-to-height ratio among schoolchildr : Medicine

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[FREE] A Different Way of Seeing: Youth With Blindness and Vision Impairment (Youth with Special

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