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Remember to let them guide you, they are so insightful.

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Deb, There are two pictures I loved while reading this post. The first is your notebook. The reason I loved it is that I am so impressed you have the confidence to think about making changes after using the system for 7 years. Good luck with your new thinking and tweaking how you use your notebook. The second picture I love is that my face is the first one on your twitter mosaic. It is even in front of Cathy's. I had not noticed this before today. Excellent job, this might be the only place that I am officially recorded as 1.

Thanks all for taking the time to read my thinking and sharing yours. It helps my reflecting and practice so much! I am still so nervous about posting, you all are such gifted writers, I feel honored to be working with you and a bit out of my league. I remember Molly literacy coach asking me one day- "Have you asked the kids?

I hope to be a more deliberate listener this year. It was actually so nice for the paretns to hear their young writer talk about their writing and the intentional choices they made in the piece. It put the focus back where it should be, the child as a learner! Ouch as I read this I thought, "Seven years! I am happy to see you, Cathy and the library smiling at me as I visit my blog. It almost seems as if I had a choice in how the mosiac was organized Deb, I loved the idea of using a spiral notebook for your conferring notes.

If I don't have time to play with Evernote in the next few weeks I may try your notebook system. I laughed when I read Mandy's comment about you conferring with VT. If anyone could do it you could -- and then you mentioned in your comment that you already have done it.


I have so much to learn from you! I am reading Part II of the book right now and I totally agree with collecting stuff.

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      Conference Strategy Knowledge C. Types of Conferring D. Process E. What Emerges in a Conference F. Conferring Reminders G. Conferring Walk Aways 2 3. Why Do Teachers Confer with students? To form a relationship of intimacy and rigor.

      Conferring With Readers

      To gather data for assessment and evaluation. Allen 4.

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      Allen 5. Types of Conferring A. Side by side Conference: Teacher sits down with the reader and spend four to six minutes daily conferring.

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      Teacher takes anecdotal notes while listening to student. Touchstone Conference: Teacher walks around the room to touch base with at least three students to see how they are doing. Allen 5 6. Always one to one. Allen 7.

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      What Emerges in a Conference? Allen 8. Plan the week before.