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On top of that is the fact that Eve seems to be exactly what Lucifer needs right now in terms of acceptance. I imagine that no one in Heaven would even consider pursuing Eve, because who would want to be the homewrecker responsible for breaking up Adam and Eve? Another thing I mentioned about the premier was the choice of Sherwin Shilati as the director made sense based on his past episodes, and that is even more apparent here, with the standout scene in the form of the bar fight.

A large part of that was because of how often Lucifer was near Chloe in that type of situation, so these moments were few and far between. Amenadiel held it down on that front in those episodes, and he, Maze, and Linda continue to do so in their plot here. In fact, it would have been jarring to witness Linda spiral over a potentially-flying angel baby and her and Amenadiel bubble-wrapping the ceiling fixtures in an episode with Kinley orchestrating brutal murders.

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Because, again: Linda has a home. In previous seasons, it probably would have taken even longer for Chloe and Linda to have their one-on-one about being in the know. It still would have been a great scene though, no doubt. Linda and Amenadiel are the rare characters on the show right now that get to thrive due to good things happening, not world-breaking, heart-wrenching things.

Could Eve Return For 'Lucifer' Season 5 on Netflix?

Even at its most narratively confusing, season three still remembered the importance of fun. Instead, it only seems to be increasing as time goes on. Contributor, The A. The A.

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