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German as Author Die Falkner vom Falkenhof. Zweiter Band. Adorno See: Espinel, Vicente, ? Volume I. Marine Animals of Massachusetts Bay. Miekka ja aura. Tuli ja vesi. Mainiemen linna. Aamun valkeneminen. Charlotte Elisabeth , ? Alabama Museum of Natural History en. San Francisco and around the Bay, South.

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Joseph Fr. English as Author Walladmor, Vol. Knopf, Inc. See: Meer Hasan Ali, Mrs. George A. Hymnus of Lofzang van de Kristelijke Ridder, [etc. Op de Aankomste van de Koninginne van 't Zuiden te Hierusalem, [etc. Allcott, John V. Grenville F. English as Author Allen, Glover M. English as Author Allen, J. Performed During the Years Together with full directions for the management of the dairy. English as Author Allen, William H. English as Author Allerton, J.

Leo I to St. Gregory the Great to St.

Aartsz, P.

Being a brief in appeal, pointing out errors of the lower tribunal. Burn Stick! Hilda Doolittle , Altsheler, Joseph A. I Italian as Author Storia dei musulmani di Sicilia, vol. James M. They then arrange a railroad accident for their victim. Everything goes well, but Phyllis, it seems, never had any intention of splitting the money with Walter. Will the conspirators end up trying to kill one another? Fun facts: A shorter version of the story, based on a case that Cain covered while working as a journalist in New York, was serialized in Liberty magazine in The novel served as the basis for the film noir of the same name, adapted by Raymond Chandler and directed by Billy Wilder.

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When she is found murdered, Janoth puts Stroud in charge of investigating the murder. Meanwhile, Stroud is the chief suspect. In a dual race against time, Stroud must both clear himself of murder charges and track down evidence to convict the real killer. According to the Internet Archive, the topics of this book are: tutors and tutoring , teenage boys , and nuclear physicists.

Humphrey Paxton, the adolescent son of a wealthy, brilliant English atomic boffin, is being packed off to rural Ireland for a school vacation; Mr. Threwless, a no-nonsense tutor, is hired to accompany him there. An atmosphere of paranoia pervades. Thewless finds himself kidnapped, then released, by ambulance drivers. Meanwhile, a London moviegoer turns out to have been murdered — and Humphrey, who knows something about the crime, is sought by Scotland Yard.

The ending is very satisfying. Stewart, wrote as Michael Innes. As Peter grows older, his father, a Washington D. In addition to mustering and drilling a regiment of backyard rodents, Peter befriends a seagull named Gus, who takes him on thrilling aerial tours of Washington.

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But it does: When Mr. Invited to postwar Vienna — divided up between the Russians, British, Americans, and French — by his lifelong friend, the multitalented Harry Lime, upon arriving Rollo Martins discovers that Lime is dead. Fun fact: The novel grew out of a treatment prepared by Greene as he was writing the screenplay for the terrific movie of the same title. What is The Martian Chronicles? While on a train to see his unfaithful wife, Miriam, architect Guy Haines tells a stranger, Charles Anthony Bruno, that he wants to divorce her.

It will be the perfect crime: Neither of them will have a motive for their murder, and both of them can establish alibis. Bruno demands that Guy fulfill his part in the bargain… will he do it? Fun fact: Adapted as the classic film of the same title, in , by Alfred Hitchcock. In , slug-like creatures arrive in flying saucers and begin to take over. Even as the Old Man directs government efforts to combat the invasion of these body-snatchers, Sam is puppetized by a slug!

In , George Ericson, a Merchant Navy officer, is recalled to the Royal Navy and given command of the Compass Rose , a corvette built to escort convoys. His sub-lieutenants, Lockhart and Ferraby, are inexperienced. Slowly, the crew is knit into an effective team. Fun fact: Adapted as a movie in , with a screenplay by Eric Ambler. I read this as a teenager, and remember being devastated when some of the characters were killed.

Taking him for a poacher, he fires some painful but harmless buckshot at his backside… but the man falls onto a spiked device he was setting up, and is impaled. Taine buries the body, then waits for police inquiries… which never come, because the man, for some reason, is never reported missing. What appears to be a crime novels turns into a political thriller when Sandorski, a freelance secret agent from Poland, arrives on the scene. When a bright meteor shower or did orbiting weapons accidentally detonate? Navigating a London gone haywire, Masen rescues Josella Playton, a wealthy novelist, from a blind man who has forced her to serve as his guide… and the two of them plan to join a colony of the sighted outside London.

Instead, they are kidnapped by a group that chains sighted men and women to groups of the blind, and forces them to scavenge for food and supplies. Masen eventually escapes and helps establish a self-sufficient colony in Sussex… which, unfortunately, is menaced not only by hordes of triffids but by a militarized rival colony! A cartoonish but far-out police procedural — one in which we immediately learn who the murderer is. Fun fact: Winner of the first Hugo Award.

His application was denied. In the mids, when I was in college, Black Lizard Books reprinted several Jim Thompson novels, including this one, and the obscure pulp writer was suddenly hip. As he cheats on his girlfriend, abuses a prostitute, blackmails a rich man, murders, and and frames others for his crimes, do we root for Lou or not? Its a tough one. Was he a con man? Fun fact: The novel was a bestseller. It was adopted as a forgettable British adventure film starring Dirk Bogarde. A gentle teenager, who loves to walk everywhere, in a car-dominated culture, and who asks probing questions, is killed senselessly, by a speeding driver.

Once his own wife betrays him, Montag goes on the run. Fun fact: Fahrenheit is often described as the first sci-fi novel to cross over from genre writing to the mainstream of American literature. HBO released a TV film based on the novel in In the fourth Chronicles of Narnia installment, only a year has passed in England — but decades have passed in Narnia.

Eustace Scrubb, the horrid Pevensie cousin whose attitude was transformed during the previous adventure, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader , is now a fine chap — who attempts to protect a fellow student, Jill Pole, from his own former gang of bullies at their soul-destroying progressive boarding school. Summoned to Narnia to seek the missing Prince Rilian, heir of the now-elderly King Caspian, Aslan gives the children four Signs to guide them on their quest; they are guided on their journey toward the giant-lands north of Narnia by an excellent, Oz-like new character, the gloomy Marsh-wiggle Puddleglum.

Fun facts: Recent editions of the book, in series which are sequenced according to Narnian history, list this as the sixth installment. I prefer to read them in their original publication order. Soon, he becomes embroiled in an epic showdown: the forces of Faery are poised to overthrow humankind and their allies who support Law over Chaos. Alfheim, homeland of the elves, trolls, sprites, sidhe, goblins, etc.

Meanwhile, a troll army is massing to destroy Alfheim forever. The Norse gods, engaged in a war with the Frost Giants, set the story in motion thanks to their strategic maneuvers. Skafloc, who grows up to be a warrior and wielder of elf magic, is presented with a broken iron sword; a gift of the Norse gods, it can only be repaired by the frost giant Bolverk.

Valgard, meanwhile, grows up to be a brutish Viking berserker; when he discovers the truth of his own origins, he joins the trolls. Fun facts: Reviewers of The Broken Sword often note the similarities between its plot and that of The Lord of the Rings , published the same year. Michael Moorcock declared The Broken Sword the superior effort, and noted its influence on his Elric saga.

Accompanied by his loyal friends Sam, Merry, and Pippin, Frodo carries this terrible artifact to Elrond, one of the most powerful elves remaining in Middle Earth; en route, the hobbits are aided by the immortal Tom Bombadil, and by a mysterious and grim Ranger, Aragorn. Forced to take a perilous path through the Mines of Moria, they are attacked by a host of orcs and an ancient demon; meanwhile, Boromir begins to desire the ring for himself — so Frodo decides to flee the fellowship.

Half of the book was adapted by Ralph Bakshi as a creepy animated movie in ; it is now a cult classic. Ripley This is the first in a popular series of Ripley novels. It was adapted for the screen in with Alain Delon , and again in with Matt Damon. The original LARP? Eager was a huge fan of E. This was one of my favorite adventure novels, when I was a teenager.

They must destroy an impregnable German fortress on the fictitious Greek island of Navarone that threatens Allied ships racing to the rescue of British soldiers trapped in the Aegean! Who among the commandos is a double agent? And which double agent is triple agent? While scaling a cliff face, Haddock slips and nearly kills Tintin; then, they lose their tent. Is this the end of the Tintin saga? Philip K. Ragle Gumm lives with his sister and her husband in a quiet suburb; the year is But his brother-in-law begins to notice reality-discrepancies, too.

Still, Gumm stubbornly investigates. A minimally sci-fi novel about false reality; an important turning point in the Philip K. It reminded me of the idea that Van Vogt had dealt with, of artificial memory, as occurs in The World of Null-A [] where a person has false memories implanted. A lot of what I wrote, which looks like the result of taking acid, is really the result of taking Van Vogt seriously! Several years after Bennett Marco, Raymond Shaw, and the rest of their Korean War infantry platoon were captured by a Soviet commando unit and held captive in Manchuria, Marco suffers from a recurring nightmare.

In it, sweet little old ladies, who are somehow also Chinese and Soviet officials, command Shaw to murder two of his comrades.

Marco gets involved with a supportive woman, Rose, while Raymond falls for the girl next door. Raymond is an unwitting participant in this nefarious scheme. There is also a remake starring Denzel Washington. And if he succeeds in doing so, will he ever be able to return to his peaceful family life?

Fun fact: This is the first in a series of 27 Matt Helm novels. Not to be confused with the sardonic Matt Helm movies starring Dean Martin. One of the greatest hunted-man adventures of all time! Mild-mannered, reclusive zoologist Charles Dennim is sent a mail bomb — why? Dennim must use his wartime skills to stay one jump ahead of his equally capable foe; he goes to earth in the English countryside — but the hunt picks up again almost immediately.

Fun fact: By the author of Rogue Male , one of the other greatest hunted-man adventures of all time. After languishing in obscurity for years, in Watcher in the Shadows was reissued by the British thriller reprint house Ostara. All of these are reasons to enjoy the book, which I do very much. Fun fact: The first edition featured beautiful illustrations by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. In , Charles Houston, a directionless British art teacher, discovers that his half-brother has disappeared on the China-Tibet border while filming a mountaineering expedition — and sets off to confirm his death.

At a monastery whose abbess is never seen without her mask, Houston is taken for a god — and entrusted with a fortune in emeralds. He then flees with the loot and the priestess, with the Red Chinese in hot pursuit. Real-life characters of the period — the young Dalai Lama, the swashbuckling explorer Heinrich Harrar, even the author Lionel Davidson — make an appearance, but this is throwback Haggard-esque fantasy at its finest.

Indiana Jones, eat your heart out. An ingenious conceit! Comic-book readers could relate. A solo series followed, beginning with The Amazing Spider-Man 1 the following year. Fun facts: The Spider-Man character has also appeared in nine animated and live action television series, syndicated newspaper comic strips, a Broadway show, dozens of video games, and in five big-budget films. His protagonist is nameless; and the British intelligence agency for which he works, WOOC P , might as well be, since we never discover what the acronym stands for.

Agents are killed, but not the agents Harry thought. Harry is approached by his old boss from military intelligence, who attempts to sell him information. By whom? It was adapted in as a popular movie starring Michael Caine. The cover design shown here was widely imitated for many years. Westlake crime adventure The Hunter Like John Wayne showing up without a horse in Stagecoach , we first meet Parker entering New York on foot — crossing the George Washington Bridge without a penny to his name.

He was left for dead but not killed — big mistake. This is the first Parker novel; Westlake would write over 20 others. Whatsit, who seems to know something about tesseracts. Whatsit, and her companions Mrs. Who and Mrs. In , Benny Profane, a discharged U. When Roy Dillon, a young salesman and grifter in Los Angeles, winds up in the hospital after one of his marks hits him in the stomach with a baseball bat, he contemplates going straight.

Then his neglectful mother, Lilly, a long-time hustler and con artist who is only 14 years older than Roy, shows up out of the blue. Among other things, the book is a primer on con games, and a polemic about alienated modern urbanites. Fun facts: Adapted into a neo-noir movie by Stephen Frears. This is a suspenseful spy thriller and also a sardonic inversion of the genre; the reader ends up perturbed by the ethics of the so-called good guys, and sympathizing with at least one of the bad guys.

Fun facts: In , Martin Ritt directed the movie adaptation of the novel, starring a terrific Richard Burton as Leamas. Tolkien, L. Frank Baum, Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H. Rider Haggard. There are fire-breathing dragons, rodents of unusual size, illusions and spells — all of which turn out to have plausible-sounding scientific and mathematical explanations; this story is a missing link between Fletcher Pratt and L.

An exciting, self-reflexive, silly romp written by an author at the very top of his game. In his Afterword, Samuel R. In San Francisco, the greenhorns are befriended by colorful miners with monikers like Quartz Jackson and Pitch-pine Bill; equipped with mining gear, they head out to the diggings. In the end, will Jack and Bullwhip make their fortunes and return to staid, stuffy Boston?

Roddy McDowall plays the titular character. Perhaps my favorite YA novel ever. Harriet is an amazing character. The Warriors was adapted into a cult movie of that title. The antiheroic Prince Ellidyr, who loves only his horse, sickly Gwystyl of the Fair Folk, the sorceresses Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch, and the doomed minstrel Adaon are tremendous characters. Plus: Alia, a telepathic four-year-old girl, who roams the battlefields of Arrakis slitting the throats of imperial stormtroopers! The worm-riding Fremen! Has discontented California housewife Oedipa Maas uncovered a centuries-old conflict between two mail distribution companies?

Or is she perhaps merely detecting signals where there is only noise? Though she knew even less about radios than about Southern Californians, there were to both outward patterns a hieroglyphic sense of concealed meaning, of an intent to communicate. Veers from deadly cat-and-mouse chills to hermeneutic thrills. One of my all-time favorite adventures. Christopher is a masterful world-builder; and he specializes in realistic teen protagonists, who tend to be jerks petty, prideful, competitive until they get over themselves.

Ballad of The Salt Sea is a tangled yarn — pirates, a German lieutenant, cannibals, wealthy Australian heirs held for ransom, a young Maori navigator, and an evil criminal genius in a hooded cloak all play important roles. Is this a revisionist western? Ursula K. In the world of Earthsea, magic is an inborn talent — and those born with the most powerful gifts are sent to school on the island of Roke, where they are trained to become responsible, staff-carrying wizards. Hello, Harry Potter.

Ged, a reddish-skinned shepherd boy, is trained by the humble mage Ogion to use his impressive powers in harmony with nature; however, Ged is impatient and reckless. At Roke, Ged shows off to his fellow students by releasing a shadow creature that attacks him. Injured and afraid, he leaves school and seeks wizard work including protecting a village from dragons!

During the Battle of the Bulge in , he is captured and transported to Dresden. Like them, Billy becomes a philosophical ironist because — thanks to his time-traveling — the entire human experience strikes him as absurd. Is he crazy, or a visionary? Fun facts: As a prisoner of war in , Vonnegut experienced the Dresden firebombing; the narrator of Slaughterhouse-Five is the author, speaking in his own voice.

Efforts have been mounted to re-establish a galactic civilization; some eighty planets have organized themselves into a union called the Ekumen. In this novel, Genly Ai, an agent of The Ekumen, has spent a frustrating couple of years as an envoy to the frozen planet Gethen. Gethenians, because they are ambisexual — they only adopt sexual attributes once a month, during a period of sexual receptiveness and high fertility — see the world in an entirely different way.

Fun facts: The Left Hand of Darkness is one of the first feminist sci-fi novels, though some feminists have argued that it does not go far enough in critiquing gender stereotypes. Sent to Luna in search of criminal telepaths, Joe and Pat and the rest of their team is caught in an explosion… after which nothing is ever the same again. Are they moving backwards in time? Are they in some other reality? Are they caught up in a cosmic battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness — and if so, what is the ultimate source of these forces? Every interpretation that they posit is frustrated; meaning remains elusive.

Each chapter is prefaced with an advertisement for Ubik, salvation in a spray can. John Lennon, at one point, was interested in adapting the film version. Luke flees Winchester, and is taken in to the Sanctuary of the High Seers… where he discovers the truth about them… and the Spirits.

When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics for DC in , he launched a science-fictional epic revolving around aliens with superhuman abilities arriving on Earth. These proto-postmodernist comics are a volatile admixture of religion the character Izaya evokes the biblical Isaiah , ancient-astronaut theories, sci-fi technology the Boom Tube, the Mobius Chair, the Mother Box , and s culture the Forever People are cosmic hippies.

Truly awesome. Fun fact: The Fourth World storyline was intended to be a finite series, which would end with the deaths of the characters Darkseid and Orion. Robert C. Fun facts: Winner of the Newbery Medal. In the 14th Parker adventure, Parker escapes from an armored truck hijacking with a bag of money… into a deserted amusement park. Along the way, he pulls out every trick in the book. Booby traps? Standing as still as a statue in the creepy Wax Museum? Shoot-out in the House of Mirrors where Parker has cleverly marked the mirrors?

Adapted as a British movie, in , by Terry Bedford. Blanche and her unscrupulous but amusing boyfriend, George, start snooping around for the Rainbird heir… which leads them to succeed where Bush failed. White westerners, since ancient times, have sought to suppress this tendency — as part of their successful effort to subjugate and alienate the other peoples of the world. The book itself — whose format is disrupted by radio dispatches, photographs, typographic excesses, drawings and collages, footnotes, even anti-Vietnam War protests — seems infected by a disruptive virus of sorts.

PaPa LaBas, a Harlem voodoo practitioner, and his companion Black Herman, are drawn into the conflict against… western culture itself. An Aeneid -like epic in which a ragtag band of rabbits escape the destruction of their warren and journey across south-central England in search of a new home. Their unlikely leader is Hazel, whose main concern was to protect his oddball visionary brother Fiver; the charismatic star of the story is the gruff, tough rabbit Bigwig. Clair Alexander St. See: Fifield, A. English as Author Ackerman, Forrest J. George, Adams, H.

Henry Gardiner , ?

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Adams' Reply; together with a letter from Mr. John See: Webb, Marion St. Mars, F. George J. Erster Band. German as Author Die Falkner vom Falkenhof. Zweiter Band. Adorno See: Espinel, Vicente, ?

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Volume I. Marine Animals of Massachusetts Bay. Miekka ja aura. Tuli ja vesi. Mainiemen linna. Aamun valkeneminen. Charlotte Elisabeth , ? Alabama Museum of Natural History en. San Francisco and around the Bay, South. Joseph Fr. English as Author Walladmor, Vol. Knopf, Inc. See: Meer Hasan Ali, Mrs. George A. Hymnus of Lofzang van de Kristelijke Ridder, [etc. Op de Aankomste van de Koninginne van 't Zuiden te Hierusalem, [etc. Allcott, John V. Grenville F. English as Author Allen, Glover M.

English as Author Allen, J.