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The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing is the story of Alice, a young drifter who joins a radical commune in London and becomes swept up with a terrorist plot. Save to Wishlist.

Terrorism is understandably a touchy subject, one that few writers would dare to face head-on. And yet, it is also an irresistible topic, raising questions of fanaticism, community, and violence. To write about the contemporary world, therefore, was to write about terror. They also had a few masterpieces, by writers such as Joseph Conrad , whose Secret Agent more or less created the genre, to look back upon.

Below, 10 novels that confront terrorism with a multitude of approaches. Courtesy Penguin Books. The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad. Courtesy Penguin Classics. My House in Umbria by William Trevor.

Marighella: who is the terrorist brought by Wagner Moura to the movies?

The Zero by Jess Walter. Courtesy Harper Perennial. Next by James Hynes. Platform by Michel Houllebecq.