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If you're pursuing your passions, if you're learning, and if you're forging meaningful relationships, you're probably on track to do great things — even if you aren't extraordinarily famous or wealthy. Below, we've listed a series of signs — based on research and expert opinion — that you're doing better at this thing called life than you'd be inclined to believe. Galloway writes: "Trying to resist this tide of change will drown you. Successful people in the digital age are those who go to work every day, not dreading the net change, but asking: 'What if we did it this way?

Granted, that vision may evolve over time. But the point is not to take a job exclusively for the short-term benefits — like compensation. Even if you only have a vision for the year ahead , career coach and former Googler Jenny Blake recommends asking yourself questions like, "What does my ideal average day look like? As Eric Barker, author of " Barking Up the Wrong Tree ," previously told Business Insider , research suggests that "the more often you use those skills, the more you're happier, you're respected, you feel good about your job.

Galloway says the four major tech titans — Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon — are all open to occasional failure, if it means they're trying something new. If you want to be successful in your own career, you should be the same way. As Galloway previously told Business Insider , "If you are not in your own professional life and your professional career kind of wiping out and getting beaned in the face every once in a while, you aren't trying hard enough.

You'd be hard pressed to find a successful person who hasn't taken some amount of risk in their career. Take Hearst executive Joanna Coles, for example. As a young newspaper reporter, Coles once burst in on a woman in a bathroom stall in an attempt to land a scoop. Later, she left her job as a foreign correspondent for the Times of London and took a job in magazine journalism — even though she was pregnant and didn't have a visa that would allow her to stay in New York.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the richest man in the world, has spoken often about how he decides which risks to pursue. I was not going to regret trying to participate in this thing called the Internet that I thought was going to be a really big deal. I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that. I knew that that would haunt me every day.

11 signs you're going to be successful, even if it doesn't feel like it - Business Insider

On another episode of "This is Success," Coles described the importance of maintaining good relationships with your friends and colleagues. She said:.

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And I have always got jobs through the loose ties of friendships and someone knowing someone who might know a job. And, you know, a group of you will start out together, and they sort of pull you with them. It's a big advantage in business. The late Steve Jobs was a proponent of the beginner's mind.

As Jeff Yang wrote in The Wall Street Journal in , Jobs emphasized the need to develop a beginner's mind in order to eschew the constraints that cause us to come up with old answers to difficult problems. You should be allotting some of your time to reading or research — something that expands your horizons.

If I manage myself, I manage a team, I manage a division, there's a certain amount of your budget, your time, your people that need to be focused on what's next.

What are you nervous about? What are you excited about? According to Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and the author of " Insight ," most people don't know how others really see them. Those who have a more accurate picture of how they're coming off tend to be more successful. We can compare the self that we want to be with the self that we are presenting to the rest of the world. We can then begin to make the real changes that are needed to close the gap between our stated values and our actual behavior.

Once your self-concept in a particular area is formed, you always act in a manner consistent with it. You may have extraordinary ability in a particular area, but if your self-concept is poor in that area, you will always perform below your true potential. The habits of successful people are to have positive thinking and positive self-concepts in all areas of their life.

You have a self-concept for how well you speak in public.

12 Shocking Habits of Successful People

You have a self-concept for how popular you are. You have a self-concept for what kind of a spouse or partner you are. You have a self-concept for what kind of a parent you are. You have a self-concept for how well you perform in each sport or physical activity. You have a self-concept for how organized or disorganized you are.

You have a self-concept for how well you manage your time and how productive you are. You have a self-concept for your ability to read, write and do mathematics. In your business and career, you have a self-concept for every aspect of your financial life.

The 6 P’s of Extraordinarily Successful People

Through positive thinking, you have a self-concept for how much you earn, and how hard you have to work to earn that amount of money. Once you get into a comfort zone in any area, you will strive and struggle unconsciously to remain in that comfort zone, even though it may be vastly below what you are truly capable of achieving in that area. The key to achieving your full potential and develop the same habits of successful people is for you to raise your self-concept in through positive thinking patterns.

It is for you to develop new habits of positive thinking about what is possible for you.

10 Extraordinary People and Their Lessons for Success

The way that you accomplish vastly more on the outside is by changing your thoughts and feelings about your potential in that area on the inside. Your self-concept is your self-ideal. This is the ideal image or picture you have of yourself, as if you were already the very best person you could possibly be. Your self-ideal and self-concept is made up of your wishes, hopes, dreams, goals, and fantasies about your perfect future life , combined with the qualities and virtues that you admire most in yourself and in other people.

Your self-ideal and self-concept is a composite through positive thinking of the very best person you could imagine yourself being, living the very best life you could possibly live. High performing, successful, happy people have very clear self-ideals. They have clear ideas of what they like, respect and admire. They have clear ideals about the virtues, values and attributes of the superior men and women that they want to emulate.

The most successful people have an uplifting, inspiring vision of what a truly excellent person looks like and how he or she behaves within their self-concept. You are a remarkable person, possessed of incredible untapped potentials and abilities. Whatever you have accomplished in life so far is only a shadow of what is truly possible for you.