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The Bone Collector. Quadriplegic forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme Denzel Washington uses police officer Amelia Donaghy Angelina Jolie as his eyes and ears to catch a serial killer. In Copycat , Dr. Helen Hudson is a respected field expert on serial killers who has become an agrophobic shut-in after being attacked by serial killer Daryll Lee Callum. When a new series of murders spread fear and panic across San Francisco, Inspector M.

Monahan and her partner Reuben Goetz solicit Helen's expertise. Initially reluctant, Helen soon finds herself drawn into the warped perpetrator's game of wits. Early in Sherlock Holmes , the titular character hasn't left the flat for months after capturing Lord Blackwood having no interesting cases. Watson tries to get him interested in some cases, only for Holmes to brush him off having already solved them with the information in the letters alone. Often, after he hangs up on one character, he goes ahead and dials another immediately.

Sherlock Holmes Mycroft Holmes, though even more gifted than his brother in observation and deduction, "has no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way to verify his own solutions, and would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble of proving himself right.

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And remember that Holmes could still manage a lot of those cases in his career, but given Watson is the guy who publishes Holmes's cases , it only makes sense that he publishes the most interesting cases when Holmes does something rather than those that could be solved by phone, or telegraph or consult or whatever. Edgar Allan Poe 's C. Encyclopedia Brown sometimes, especially when solving cases for his father over dinner. Nero Wolfe who rarely left his brownstone, having Archie Goodwin act as his leg man and collect all the information he needed to solve the crime. As brilliant a mind as Darcy, but lazy and cheap.

So much so that he once had Darcy's assistant Master Sean arrested for murder so Darcy would be forced to solve the crime in order to prove his innocence. Darcy countered by proving that the most likely suspect was Lord Bontriomphe, the Marquis's personal assistant the Goodwin expy. Parodied in The Areas of My Expertise with a detective who never leaves his bathtub. Bustos Domecq, is a man unjustly imprisoned whom friends and friends of friends come visit at his cell with stories about mysteries and crimes, which he never fails to solve just by listening to their reports.

Don Isidro Parodi is a Deconstructive Parody of this and many others mysteries tropes combined with a juvenalian Satire of Argentinean society: All the "friends" who consult him are truly Jerkasses whom could not care less about Parodi's Miscarriage of Justice being falsely accused and judged by a Kangaroo Court only to save a Sleazy Politician mook Truth in Television in all Latin America.

It's implied that all the consultants have enough intellect to discover the crime for themselves, but they can't because they are Hypocrites who don't want to face the truth about themselves. One of the consultants lampshades that an imprisoned man could not be the right person to solve crimes, only to immediately explain Parodi his case. One third of the cases Parodi gets the consultants try to make him his Detective Patsy , no one pays him or try to Clear His Name , and given his situation as everyone's Butt-Monkey , the only triumphs he has is to be the Doomed Moral Victor and tries to make things For Happiness.

Isaac Asimov : Black Widowers : " Northwestward ", where the only information that the Black Widowers have is what Mr Wayne is able to convey about the mystery. This is quite enough for Henry to solve the problem. Other Black Widowers stories generally work in a similar manner, with Henry solving the mystery based on what the guest explains after dinner.

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Asimovs Mysteries : This anthology has all four stories featuring Wendell Urth, a detective so afraid of travelling that he worked almost entirely from home. A classic armchair detective, the Old Man relies mostly upon sensationalistic "penny dreadful" newspaper accounts, with the occasional courtroom visit.

He narrates all this information, while tying complicated knots in a piece of string, to a female Journalist who frequents the same tea-shop the ABC Teashop on the corner of Norfolk Street and the Strand.

The Armchair Detective In, "The Restaurant Inspector" Calls...(UK people please check description)

They enjoy an antagonistic relationship, as the Journalist attempts to cut the Old Man's ego down to size and the Old Man trumps her every time. But it is far from unique. Spare some outrage for Leslie Vass , a Baltimore man arrested at the same age as Adnan 17 for a robbery he definitely did not commit. It took him another 14 years and a lawsuit to expunge his record.

He has struggled to find a full-time job.

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In , groups affiliated with the Innocence Network helped free 31 people. These include a woman who spent 17 years in prison for the arson murder of her three-year-old-son. Or do you want to play armchair detective with the Serial Scooby Gang? I was a journalist for 20 years before I became a full-time crime novelist; I hold reporting in the kind of esteem that expatriates sometimes hold for a less-than-perfect motherland.

I could be accused of this myself. But if this tendency is troubling in fiction, it is inexcusable in nonfiction. In the end, Serial slights the victim, Hae Min Lee. Granted, Koenig says she tried to get her family to speak, that she has expended more effort on this than on anything in her reporting career.

We may never know who killed Hae Min Lee, but we know that she was murdered.

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Even if Syed is proven to be innocent, that assertion is patently false. Syed speaks. Holding published an additional six short stories that year and, during his storied career, he would sell nearly short stories to EQMM , Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine , The Saint Mystery Magazine and Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine , but also published a school of children's detective novels — three of them appeared in the Ellery Queen, Jr.

The series that irrevocably linked Holding to Queen comprised of ten short stories about Martin Leroy and King Danforth, two collaborative mystery novelists, who wrote " more than mystery books " about their series-character, Leroy King, of which " over 80,, copies " had been sold in every language throughout the world — which were originally published between and in EQMM. The Greek Coffin Mystery , All ten short stories are kind of interlinked as they take place during a world tour aboard a Norwegian cruise ship, Valhalla , on which the two mystery novelists and their wives, Carol and Helen, are constantly confronted by puzzling problems.

Martin, King, Carol and Helen primarily act as armchair detectives and the varied nature of the problems they discuss places the series squarely between the Puzzle Club stories from Queen's Experiments in Detection and the Black Widower series by Isaac Asimov. Back in March, Crippen and Landru published The Zanzibar Shirt Mystery and Other Stories , edited and introduced by Jeffrey Marks , which gathered all ten stories and has a comprehensive bibliography of Holding's work at the end of the book.

And this collection is the subject of today's blog-post. So, once again, let's take down the stories from the top. This collection begins with "The Norwegian Apple Mystery," but have already discussed this story in my review of The Misadventures of Ellery Queen The second story "The African Fish Mystery" and our detectives left their cruise ship at Cape Town and embarked on a short, inland tour of Southern Africa by car, intending to rejoin the ship at Durban, but, when they're sixty miles out of Pretoria, their driver makes an intriguing remark about a previous client, Mr.

Duke Carrington — who had come into " a great fortune " when he returned from his tour.

Ian Shimwell

Apparently, a relative in England had died and left him a large estate. However, Leroy and Danforth quality the story as a hoary old chestnut and begin to wool-gather, which is slowly shaped into an alternative explanation for Carrington's sudden windfall. An alternative explanation confirmed when they discover a hole in a mosquito net. A good and fun take on the armchair detective story. The next port of call in this collection, "The Italian Tile Mystery," is also its longest story and the plot concerns a coded message hidden in the illustrated tiles of a coffee table!

Leroy, Danforth and their wives have, once more, disembarked from the cruise ship and are currently staying at the Savoia Hotel in the cliff-side village of Positano, Italy, but " the onslaught of rain " forces them to spend an afternoon in the hotel launch. During this rainy afternoon, they noticed a " peculiar collection" of illustrations on the tiles of a tiny coffee table.

The proprietress of the hotel, Mrs. Cardoni, tells them the table was made by an American, Lemuel V. Bishop, who was a lonely, absent-minded professor of Italian literature and only had a brother back in America — a well-known lawyer who disapproved of his impractical brother. So the professor began to work on a coffee table and had confided in Mrs. Cardoni that the table was " one will his stuffy brother might have trouble reading. Unsurprisingly, Leroy and Danforth are intrigued by the coded message in the tiles and begin to brainstorm with Helen and Carol.

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I think this initial approach to the puzzle was absolutely sound, considering they had nothing else to go on, but they took some imaginative leaps of logic and luck to arrive at the correct conclusion. So, on a whole, this was not a bad story and the central puzzle was an interesting one. However, I was not entirely convinced by the method of the detectives here. The fourth story is "The Hong Kong Jewel Mystery" and takes place on-and around the cruise ship, Valhalla , which is docked at Kowloon and our detectives disembarked to accompany Carol and Helen on a sightseeing tour and shopping spree in Hong Kong.

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When they return to the docks, the vast hull of the ship is festooned with Chinese coolies, hanging by ropes and slings, rapidly applying a coat of fresh paint, but when they return to their cabins they make an unsettling discovery — all of their jewelry has been stolen. So it comes down to Leroy and Danforth to find out where the thief, or thieves, have stowed away the loot until it was save to retrieve it.