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He's also the co-founder of the d2Conference in Vienna - the most popular yearly conference in his space. Fabio is also a Youtuber that makes awesome videos! Calvin Wayman is an extremely successful entrepreneur: A best selling author, a podcaster Curious with Calvin Wayman , speaks about creative entrepreneurship and social media across the globe, has a social media agency that he built from scratch.

He took me from my worst entrepreneurial moment and brought me to success! Hey everybody! Noticing his business does not necessarily need him to be in any specific geographical location — he decided to become a digital nomad and to travel the world while working on his current projects. She was the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies Yes! That is… until she ultimately chose to sell her shares in the company and start working on her personal brand full time. My guest today has been experimenting with online brands since At some point he got introduced to the concept of Fulfillment by Amazon, and started experimenting with this new platform.

Today he is one of the leading influencers in the eCommerce field with a huge engaged community surrounding him, and some of them even get to be coached by him to build their own 7 figure eCommerce brands. Itay Adam is a serial entrepreneur and is one of my mentors in business. He has made millions, lost millions, he has been active on the dark side of the internet as well as the bright side. He built startups — product companies — and pitched to investors, and he was the one always telling me to raise my prices as a creative.

He left his dayjob, and managed to creatively build a 7 figure business called iWearYourShirt which was covered on almost every possible news outlet. But then he found himself in a lifestyle he did not want for himself — so he made a bold descision, shut down iWearYourShirt and make a new lifestyle for himself.

This started as a regular interview but quickly turned into a full-on Masterclass in which I shared my screen, and Azriel took over my mouse and started spilling super practical tips: Starting from the basics as to HOW to install and use a Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site and any other kind of site , and up to advanced features like custom events, FB Ad funnels, and building custom analytics dashboards for your ad funnels. This episode is about building communities online, and overcoming obstacles to become a better you.

Most of you have heard of Calvin Wayman who was my first coach who I hired when I was in debt and on the verge of going bankrupt. Each one in charge of a different aspect of my business. In this interview, she and I talked about how to utilize mainstream media and PR as solopreneurs. My guest today is a super talented and successful rapper. As you say, you're much more in flow in that state. There's less clinging, gripping, striving, forcing, all of those icky things that can get in our way. I don't think sometimes, all the times.

That's part of the biggest beauty of having your own business, is the personal and spiritual development that you go through and really not just believing it, but embodying it. The best example that I have of that is Okay, I'm not very good at dates. I believe it was the beginning of What are we? In ? I think it was the beginning of My business had been doing well, and then I think we had a bad launch or something happened and we didn't have enough money to last us the rest of the month. We need to get rid of the team, we need to downsize.

We need to downsize, downsize, downsize. It's gorgeous. It's just such a place to connect with the nature. I just walked up and down this field, and I spoke to myself. When I say I spoke to myself, that's what it probably looked like from the outside, but really I was speaking to life, and I was speaking to the universe. I was like, "Listen, I need you to work with me here. It was the fact that I signed up for a mastermind, that you know about that was very expensive, and I had to make these monthly payments, and I didn't know how I was going to make it because I couldn't even afford the next month.

I'm outside on this field, and I actually recorded the whole thing, and I turn it into a podcast episode. You should definitely go and check it out. But I basically just walked up and down this field, and I am bodied everything that I wanted. I was like, "I'm about to launch Gram Slam.

Thank you so much for bringing in I'm connecting with the energy of these people, and I can feel how this is going to help support them in their businesses, and how it's going to help them feel more confident when they put themselves out there online. I know the impact that it's going to have on, not only their business but on their clients, and it's going to be this huge ripple effect of their clients and the family of their clients.

I think there's something to do, I'm sure you've heard this, where your brain can't tell the difference between something that's happening or not happening? It's like you need to be pretending as though it's already here, and at the same time, know that if it doesn't happen the way that you want it to happen, that it was never meant for you in the first place, because everything is happening for you and not to you.

Whatever happens, I've already done my piece, I've put it out there to the universe, and now universe, it's up to you. I was like, "Oh my God. I was actually excited when the business was so low on funds, because I was like, "Oh my God, now I get to practice what I preach. Now, I get to use all of these tools again.

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It's just everything is happening divinely. As I was going through it, I was like, "I know this is happening," and that's why I recorded it. I was like, "I need to record this because I know I'm being used as an example. It has changed the way that I speak to the world, it has changed the way that I show up. That's just another example of a different way to use your intuition. It's really interesting when you say that you learned not only to use that crisis point of when you're at zero, but to use it as an expansion of your potential.

Because I think, yeah, we often get to that place of desperation and then we ask for the help from universe.

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But there's just It's there, it's available to you whenever you need it and whenever you can call upon it. That can be when you're at zero, but it can also be when you are absolutely thriving as a business, and you want to take it next level. I appreciate that, as a reminder to how we do that.

There's this really fine balance between being proactive and manifesting goals, versus getting into a bit of a desperation, striving, must have, achieving place. Have you found the secret to being able to still take action but not do it in a really must get to goal? What's your secret? I'm like, "I have to achieve this.

We're just going to go with this and cross our fingers and hope for the best. I knew that that's obviously a big responsibility. Not only is it a big responsibility because it's her livelihood, but also it's a big responsibility because I really want the business to be growing, and I really want us to keep growing. It's both of those things together.

But I think going into each launch, the way that I handled it was, yes, this is like do or die, in terms of can we keep Laura or can't we? As I'm going through the launch of here's all of your massive list of tasks to do, I'm trying to get as much done as I possibly can, and simultaneously, I'm trying to really be self aware enough, and this is a skill that took a long freaking time for me to learn. Don't think that I just was born this way. But I've really started, I would say over the last I first did, I think, life coaching in and that's really when I started to implement all of these self-awareness tools, but just being aware of how is my body feeling in this moment, and stopping and tuning in.

The problem is we don't want to listen to it. We've been taught to be robotic almost, where it's like, "Eh, you just need to power through and get things done. We're not meant to be like that. We're supposed to be listening to our bodies and feeling into how we're feeling, and able to adjust according to whatever our needs and desires are within that moment. I'm going to go and take a nap. I need to take care of myself, especially because I'm the business owner, and I'm sure everyone listening to this podcast can relate.

When you are the person who's running the show, you can't afford to burn out. I've burnt out before, and we can talk about that too. It is not pretty, and it is not productive. By burning yourself out, you're literally just slowing yourself down. To this day, I constantly have to remind myself, even Last week, I had a high productive week. Because in my body, I just felt super depleted.

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I still, to this day, have to remind myself that that is productive to do. I think it feels difficult to do because I sometimes compare myself to a nine to five worker, and I'm like, "How is it that these people work nine to five, and they push through, and I'm not able to push through? All of the aspects of running a business are very depleting, way more so than Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of It's just different tolls on the body. I think if you don't take care of your body, you're not taking care of your business.

I think for many too, it was their turning point to say, "You know what? I can't do this anymore. I'm going to need to operate from a place that is in connection with my intuition, that is in connection with my natural cycles, that is listening to my inner voice. I'm coming up to about a 45 hour week this week, which is weird for me. I'm glad because this message has come at a very timely time.

Thank you. But has there been a time when you have ignored your intuition, and then what happened as a result? I was working nonstop. I was really just killing myself, essentially, and missing out on I remember, it was someone's bachelorette party, and I was like, "Nope, I can't go. I'm going to stay at home and work.

I was making the same amount every single month. I was making exactly what I needed to get by. I wasn't uncomfortable, but it was uncomfortable because in my mind I was like, "If I'm working this hard, why is my income not going up? What do you mean pleasurable? I'm not about pleasure, I'm about hustle. How can you expect to feel excited when you show up to work? I'll never forget the first time that I launched, and I was just fed up of pushing and pushing. It was almost to the point where it was like, "You know what?

If I can't launch and not push, push, push, push, push, push, push, then I'd rather just go and get a nine to five job. I'm just not built for this.

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It's not worth it. I'd rather just clock in, clock out, and get paid a nice healthy, regular monthly salary. It was my first six figure launch, and I just remember thinking, "Oh my gosh, I didn't do all the What I realized through this launch, where in this launch I prioritize my energy and I prioritize how I was feeling and I was always checking in with myself and being like, "What do I need right now?

How can I support myself right now? Statistically, if you show up live every single day of your launch, you're going to make more sales, and I'm like, "Well, that means nothing if I'm showing up exhausted, and if I'm not nourished and feeling full. It's something that may not make logical sense, right? You think, "Oh well, to make more money, surely I've got to work more. We've been indoctrinated with this old way of thinking and it seems counterintuitive that work less make more money.

But this is beautiful evidence of that, and I'm sure you can see it in all of our businesses. What's going on? There's a bit of that self-worth and identity that comes up in it as well. It was brand new, and we're launching it, and really the whole point that we launched it was because I wanted to have more stable monthly income, because it's a membership site. As I was launching it, obviously, I've had all of these experiences that I've shared with you of actively manifesting and doing the visualization and talking and connecting to my people and duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.

All the stuff I normally do, I didn't do. Now, I had a little bit of worry and doubt. Sometimes I'd be showering in the middle of the launch, and I'd be like, "You haven't done this yet. This is a key part of how to succeed, is you energetically need to be aligned. That's not a word. So every time I had this thought of, "You haven't done this yet," I would just be like, "everything is happening as it should. It's already taken care of. The universe already knows. It doesn't need to look like that in order to make it happen.

Don't waste your time doing that. Let it be.

Welcome, Creative Entrepreneurs!

Just be like, "I haven't had the time to do it, but the universe knows what I'm going for, and we're working together as a team, and leave it at that. It's such an epic launch and such a successful launch, and really set up my business to, hopefully fingers crossed, make my first half a million year by the end of this year, which is super exciting.

I know that I did that whole speech about episode 44 and talking it out, and yes, that's very, very helpful. But also don't kick yourself if you haven't done that. That's just a polite reminder. Again, it is something that we often fall into the trap of doing, right? I'm a bad person, and how can I be spiritual if I'm not doing these things? Then we create stress and anxiety around that, and then we're like, "Hang on a second, I'm completely at the opposite end of where I wanted to be, in terms of state of mind.

I would love to talk just a little bit about Instagram Stories, because you are by far the queen of Instagram Stories. I don't think a day goes by where there's not a whole little sequence of beautifully edited and created stories that flow from one to the other, that you're like, "Oh, I wonder what's next, or what's next," and so on. I'd love to hear a bit about There you go, Alex. Try that one on.