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Please, in all you do, remember, love covers a multitude of sins — yours and those around you. I warm your heart with the sunshine in the morning to wake you up. I serenade you with a morning song each time your heart speaks a letter of love to Me. I love your smile whenever you are delighted with the tiny blooms you see sprouting up everywhere along the way. I make manifest My loving presence in My creations, showing you how much I love you. Today is your day, My child, your day to experience the essence of My great love for you. Open yourself to the immense possibilities of immeasurable love.

You have victorious, overcoming faith. This faith conquers the world 1 John Yes, this faith conquers all fear and doubt. Restoring graces are falling like sweet spring rain. Turn your face upward, and let your heart become a deep reservoir of precious treasure. Look up; I am here. You are never alone in the wee hours of the day or any other moment in your life.

We do things together, you and me. You are one who declares My works Psalms Your touching words of spoken endearment are enabled by inspiration of Holy Spirit. I sit beside you whenever you pour your heart of love out to Me. Just the movement of your lips saying My name warms My heart and makes Me smile.

Ah … what beauty you are. I embrace you tight whenever you are afraid.

I comfort you whenever you feel lonely. I make you aware of My presence every time a little bird sings among the gardens I have placed around you. Many times when you hear a bird sing, he is singing over you, rejoicing over the garden you are to Me. Do you not notice how bright the solitary star of your life shines?

You are at the center of My gaze. I show my tender touch whenever someone who loves you kisses you. I confirm My love for you whenever you are embraced in arms of love. Like a sweet child embracing his mother, I am overjoyed and moved to draw near. When My promptings excite you the same way as the sweet, giggles of a child thrill the heart of a mother, I rush in to give you more. Yes, when you draw near, I draw near James I hear your voice each time you recite your favorite scripture, your favorite Psalm.

Your proclamation is confirmed whenever I deliver your needs and answer your prayers for the people you love so much.

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You will never be wanting for more because I have given you a contented heart. Any vain desire for the most refined and beautiful things can be satisfied by seeing Me in all My fullness. Seeing and touching the finer things of life can create an appreciation for the unlimited talents distributed among my created ones. Never feel others have more creative ability when you see the expressed talents of their lives. Share a moment of joy and rejoice, but never compare yourself. Someone else is looking at you, marveling at your gifting or the creation of your hand. Let little moments of joy capture your heart.

I am your joy. I hear your every word, your every syllable, yes, even the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale Psalms I prepare your heart and cause you to hear Me as well. Continue to call on Me, knowing beyond a shadow of doubt, I hear you. I hear you before a sound is ever formulated Psalms I listen in advance, in preparation to act.

Come boldly! Your dreams are no secret to Me. Do not be ashamed to have big dreams. I am proud of you whenever you speak out My words of wisdom. Oh, my beloved, you have come and are coming to terms with life. You are becoming sure of yourself in Me. I am happy with your newly acquired self-confidence.

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You are emerging; yet, you remain humble and always rely on the graces from above. I will be very pleased if you remain docile and gentle. A gentle and quiet spirit I do not despise. I am a God of restoration, and I am restoring. Have faith. The meek inherit the earth, and those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are satisfied Matthew Open your mouth and I will fill it with a new hunger beyond your highest longing Psalms The awakening of your heart makes it seem as if you could explode with the grandeur of it all. Yet, there is so much more. You see, I take your old wine skin and make it new.

You were made a new creature at salvation, and now I am regenerating what I have given you in order to hold more 2 Cor New wine is coming, and you must be ready. Your wine skin is being regenerated, oiled, and stretched to hold more, more, more … Close your eyes for just a moment. Can you see Me? Can you hear Me? I am near. My breath is brushing across you.

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Embrace the moment. Embrace Me. I love seeing your intense concern for the wellbeing of others Gal Your compassion and generosity are the very reasons why I cannot and will not withhold my blessings. I know you will be my channel of graces.

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I have made you to be so. If there is any contradiction to this in your life, choose to believe Me, not the circumstance. I trust in the covenant you made with Me to be a person dedicated to the wellbeing of others. In this, you fulfill the two commandments to love Me and your neighbor as yourself. I read your thoughts, and I know you profoundly. I know your struggles to erase the dark spots of yesterday endeavoring to hinder your growth. Do not worry if there are challenges.

This is the way of life. I was challenged and depended on every word proceeding from the Father Matthew So must you, depend on every word Holy Spirit speaks to you. Are we not walking together, journeying on the path we agreed to Amos ? The path I chose before all time. I am walking with you and will walk with you all the way, never leaving or forsaking you. I will be your shield against all enemies, your light in the dark, enabling you to encounter Me, to encounter My voice — the still small voice whispering to you the right words to say Psalms ; Psalms Yes, we encounter each other, and My hand leads you to the path we agreed for you to tread…I will always be with you, My beloved one.

There is no place I would rather be. All is restored in Me, regenerating what I have given you in order to hold more. You are a new creature 2 Cor New wine is coming, and you must be ready Matthew Yes, all My time belongs to You. There is no other more worthy than you. Mauduit and his wife are held to ransom. On his death Mauduit is succeeded by his nephew William de Beauchamp. So begins the dynasty that will last years and bring Warwick Castle to the height of its fortunes.

At a time of heightened political tension Guy de Beauchamp seizes Piers Gaveston, the king's lover, and brings him to Warwick Castle. He is tried for treason and sentenced to death. Richard de Beauchamp supervises Joan of Arc's trial for supposed heresy, and her subsequent execution by burning in the market place at Rouen in northern France.

In , the king made his childhood friend the first Duke of Warwick. But he was also the last, the title dying with him in the very next year.

Henry's only sister marries Richard Neville. Neville is defeated and dies at the battle of Barnet, the castle and the estates are awarded by Edward IV to his own brother, George, Duke of Clarence. The Duke of Clarence is suspected of intriguing against Edward, he is imprisoned and killed. The title of Earl of Warwick is retained by Clarence's son, Edward Edward is executed for allegedly conspiring with the second of the two pretenders to the throne, Perkin Warbeck.

Improvements include a new roof for the kitchens, reinforcement of the south front, the building of Spy Tower and an extension to the State Rooms for a royal visit. James I presents the now dilapidated castle to Sir Fulke Greville. The title Earl of Warwick, however, was conferred upon Lord Rich in and it remained in his family until Greville, is murdered by a discontented manservant.

His ghost is said to haunt the tower in which he lodged. Royalist soldiers, taken during the Civil War, were imprisoned in the Dungeon, one of them scratching a note onto the dungeon wall…. Francis Greville successfully petitions for the title Earl of Warwick, so reuniting the earldom and the castle once more. The island is used to keep Japanese deer, a flock of Chinese geese, an emu, assorted racoons, an ant bear and a baby elephant. The Mill is converted to an electricity generating plant, providing electric lighting for the castle and power for an electric launch and car.

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The Royal Weekend Party attraction is opened within the Castle. The expertise of the Tussaud's Studios is used, introducing wax portraits into the Castle for the first time. The largest investment, the multi-million pound Kingmaker attraction, in the mediaeval undercroft, opens. On this visit Her Majesty also unveils a commemorative sword. To mark the millennium, The Armoury is refurbished and the 'Death or Glory' attraction opens in February , telling the stories of battles over the centuries, as well as hosting events including Jousting Knights and Christmas Festivals.

Nearly years after his brutal murder, Sir Fulke Greville is back… Warwick Castle's famously haunted Ghost Tower gets a terrifying fear infusion with Warwick Ghosts - Alive, a spooky live action experience that quite literally brings the story of one of the Castle's most famous ghosts to life, nearly years after his murder. Using a mix of live actors and atmospheric sound, visual and light effects the story of Sir Fulke Greville's tragic murder is recreated.

Four never-before-seen rooms are opened for the first time. In place of the Dragon Tower, a new attraction that explains the entire history of the castle is opened with audio visual effects. The Towers and Ramparts Trail now has signage and waxworks interpretation that tells the story of the Earls of Warwick involvement in the Hundred Years War.

At the location of the old Victorian Rose Garden, the Horrible Histories Maze opens with 6 different periods of history to find and get lost amongst. A brand new Wars of the Roses themed jousting and stunt show opens in the new arena on the River Island. The Royal Weekend Party is given a refresh to bring the story of the party back to the forefront of the attraction, fill the rooms and restore some of the waxworks.

New audio interpretation and informative signage are found throughout. To celebrate the th anniversary of the construction of Warwick Castle, our founding story is told through an interactive exhibition up the mound.