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It is deeply moving to learn from Spiritual Science of the fervent prayers of men in the early Christian centuries: 'Thanks be to the Christ-Being from whom we should perforce have been separated, had He not come down from spiritual worlds to us here on earth! From that time until our own day there have been only the external words of the Gospels, telling of the Mystery of Golgotha.

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Nevertheless, these words of the Gospels worked throughout the centuries with such power that they turned men's hearts to the Mystery of Golgotha. To be sure, he was named the Christ only much later, but we can still say that the Sun Oracle is the Christ Oracle. Such a one cannot as yet incarnate on the Earth. When man is not only able to develop his higher nature upwards, but working creatively is able to renounce completely his lower nature, then will this highest Adept, the Saturn Adept, the Father Principle, the Hidden God, be able to incarnate.

Christ existed before the Sun came into being. Thus, Christ's identity as the Sun God may be seen as merely one phase of his evolving role in human spiritual development. Fundamentally, Christ may be seen as one of the gods or persons who formed the original Godhead. This, clearly, is not the mainstream Judeo-Christian view. Here is how a priest in the "Christian Community" — the overtly religious arm of Anthroposophy — describes the matter:. These realms are represented outwardly by the world of the fixed stars and the planetary spheres.

During this descent, Christ becomes a 'sun being' for a while — he was revered in this form by Zarathustra, in Egypt, and in Greece. Note that the "fixed stars" and "planetary spheres" are concepts rejected by science long ago. Such falsehoods linger only in occult systems such as Anthroposophy and astrology. Here is an item from the Waldorf Watch "news" page.

I have edited it for use here :. The dispute has created a bitter rift between several progressive institutions, and left parents of the school reeling. One distressed Steiner parent, Leslie Arnott, said the school had been wrongly portrayed as a rich private school involved in a greedy land grab. In these lectures, Steiner shows how the Mystery of Golgotha [1] can be seen as the pivotal event of human history, and the Gospels as initiation documents [2] that can help us on a path of spiritual development.


He demonstrates how the religious streams of Zarathustra and Buddha [3] helped prepare the way for the events of Palestine. Waldorf Watch. Search this site. Here's the Answer. Waldorf Turns What's What. What's Where. Waldorf Now. Advice for Parents. Waldorf Curriculum. I Went to Waldorf. He Went to Waldorf. Say What? Steiner's Racism. Is It a Religion? Steiner's Blunders. What a Guy. Summing Up. Aid and Comfort. Before coming to Earth, Christ lived on the Sun, where he presided as the local god. Here is Steiner saying this over and over.

I have also included a few quotations from Steiner's followers. On that occasion something shot through the entire body of Jesus of Nazareth, even into those parts which, at the present stage of human development, are most withdrawn from the influence of man — the very bones. I am now about to say something which to the materialistic consciousness of the present day seems nonsense; but that is of no matter. At the moment when the body of Jesus of Nazareth was permeated and fired by the Individuality of Christ — the great Sun-Spirit — the effect reached even into the bones.

Collison, , chapter 10, GA The part that had densified had formed the gaseous Sun, and what had not densified was a surging sea of fire. These beings could live on the Sun and inhale and exhale warmth, fire; they were therefore called the Spirits of Fire. They stood at the human level on the Sun and they worked in the service of humanity.

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One calls them Sun Spirits or Fire Spirits. Man at that time was at the stage of sleep-consciousness, the Sun-Fire Spirits had already the ego consciousness. Since then they too have developed further and ascended to higher degrees of consciousness. One calls them in Christian Esotericism Archangels. In the same way the most evolved Saturn Spirit is the Father God. That He might come on to the Earth He had to make use of a physical body, He had to live under the same earthly conditions as man, in order to be able to manifest here. For only outside and beyond the earth will you find the mysteries pertaining to the Christ.

The unification of the Christ-Being with the earth took place when the blood flowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ at Golgotha. That is when His essence united with the atmosphere of the earth, as can be perceived even today in clairvoyant retrospection. That is how the Christ-Being came down from the Sun to earth.

When the light of spiritual illumination fell on Saul-Paul near Damascus, Paul beheld the Christ that was united with the earth and knew immediately that it was He who had shed His blood at Golgotha. Lucifer made use of what had been given by the Mars forces. The new state of the Earth was given the name of Mars.

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Things continued in this way until the middle of the Atlantean Race. Then a new question arose. Man had absorbed wisdom, but in the future it would not be possible for wisdom alone to manifest in a form-creating way. One would have been able to build up the mineral kingdom through Lucifer, but Lucifer could not have given it life. Man could never have imparted life under the influence of the other powers.

This was why a Sun God had to come, a higher being than Lucifer. There still existed what are known as the Solar Pitris. The most exalted among these is Christ.


For by this time Christ was already a half-forgotten notion in the souls of men on Earth. But in the Mysteries the pupils learned to know Him once again in His full stature. Yet at the same time they knew Him as a Being who, if we may put it in these words, had lost His mission in the Worlds beyond the Earth. It was so in the Mysteries of the second and first centuries before the Mystery of Golgotha, that as they looked up to the Being in supersensible worlds who was afterwards called the Christ, they said: We still behold Him in the spiritual worlds, but His activity in those worlds grows ever less and less.

For He was the Being who implanted in the souls of men what afterwards sprang forth within them as a memory of the time before their birth. The Christ-Being in the spiritual worlds had been the great Teacher of human souls, for what they would still bear in memory after their descent to Earth.

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Now that the souls of men on Earth were less and less able to kindle these memories to life, He who was afterwards called Christ appeared to the initiates as One who had lost His activity, His mission. To be unable to find the Christ in life is a different matter from being unable to find the Father God — You know that it is not here a matter of doubting the Divinity of the Christ.

It is a matter of clear differentiation, in the sphere of the Divine, between the Father God and the Christ God. Four million years were needed by the Moon Pitris in order to turn the axis of the Earth. At that time the Moon Pitris development was already much further on than that of present day man. The representative of the Eagle will come only later; he represents the Father Principle. In he broke with the Theosophists because of what he regarded as their oriental bias and established a system of his own, which he called Anthroposophy anthro meaning "man"; sophia sophia meaning "wisdom" , a "spiritual science" he hoped would restore humanism to a materialistic world.

Steiner believed that human beings had evolved to the point where material existence had obscured spiritual capacities and that Christ had come to reverse that trend and to inaugurate an age of spiritual reintegration.

Mystery Centers By Rudolf Steiner

He advocated that education, art, agriculture, and science be based on spiritual principles and infused with the psychic powers he believed were latent in everyone. The world center of the Anhthroposophical Society today is in Dornach, Switzerland, in a building designed by Steiner. The nonproselytizing society is noted for its schools. Andrew Welburn is a fellow of New College, Oxford. He has written, translated, and edited numerous books on spiritual science and early Christianity.

Rudolf Steiner. Modern scholarship knows little of the mystery schools of antiquity. At most it is able to offer hypothetical explanations of their purpose, and to speak of externals. In these far-reaching lectures, Rudolf Steiner gives a penetrating description of the ancient mystery schools. He also discusses the conditions under which initiation can be achieved in our time. Lecture Publishers Note.