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Bottom line: David Maraniss, who won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting, wrote this biography of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. Maraniss might be one of the best ever at uncovering those truths. What readers think: "I first read this like 40 years ago, as a kid.

Right or wrong, a lot of the stories stuck with me all these years. Life on the road sucks, big cities can be scary as hell, for less grief-keep your mouth shut.

Bottom line: This glimpse into the life of Bill Bradley, a future U. The press is ruthless.

Is "The Game" The Greatest Hockey Book Ever?

The pressure to win at all costs never stops. The lives of him and his teammates seem pulled into chaos because of their fame, which they cling to at all costs. Also the Spurs held a Dime Beer Night that ended in a riot. These are the things that are sorely missing from modern basketball. The real star, though, is St. What readers think: "This is rip roaring story telling based on old fashioned shoe leather reporting. You feel like your in camp with the Junction Boys, which is no easy feat. Dent has a wonderful voice and nails the telling detail.

How he did it — a hellish training camp that whittled the roster from to 35 — became the stuff of legend. And a really good book. What readers think: "An exceptional ethnography of mids playground basketball in Brooklyn that becomes so much more than Telander ever thought it would.

People whose lives you come to care immensely about having never met them. I don't think I have ever read the epilogue before now. He ended up staying for the whole summer and became part of the games himself. What readers think: "A courageous memoir from a baseball pioneer. I started and finished this book in one sitting because it was so compelling. This story should enhance our appreciation of what she was able to accomplish on and off the field. Bottom line: Ila Jane Borders is a trailblazer — the first woman to earn a college baseball scholarship, the first female pitcher to win a college game and the first woman to win a professional game since the Negro Leagues era.

Yet here we are!

Top 10 Greatest North American Sports Dynasties

Bottom line: Jeff Pearlman tells the real story behind the Dallas Cowboys' dynasty of the s. What readers think: "[Shattuck] illustrates how a hostile media lampooned the women's game at every opportunity in order to try to drive women's ball away, despite massive crowds at women's games which often ended in riots. Bottom line: We should all feel a little uncomfortable when we read Debra A.

Women loved playing baseball, and society was allowed to drum them out of the sport over several decades around the turn of the century. What readers think: "I'm so grateful a book like this exists about basketball. It's the basketball bible. Any hardcore basketball fan should read this ASAP. It's an in depth view of the history of the league and contains fun lists and comparisons to different eras and teams and players. It's just a lot of fun to read.

What readers think: "Finally read this book, you know, 25 years after it was relevant, but it's a great look into that Bulls first championship team of the 90s. At first I thought it was amazing that it didn't harm Jordan's reputation more, but then I realized that books are for nerds, and there's no place for nerds in sports. Bottom line: This was the first book that showed us the Michael Jordan that we all know now — the fiery competitor who was ruthless to opponents and teammates alike, including reportedly punching teammate Will Perdue.

The book ends with Jordan winning his first NBA title in What readers think: "This isn't a biography. This is epic, a novel concept. This is about a seemingly ordinary man and his dreams. How he let his body be crushed but not his dreams.

Gordie Howe’s Son

He kept them alive as much as they kept him alive. This isn't a biography. This is literature, as close to literature as biographies can get. Unlike his compatriots, he eschewed a ghostwriter and wrote his autobiography longhand, which reportedly clocked in at , single-spaced pages. I loved it. It gives a complete picture of a complicated man that highlights not just his successes, but his failures, too. The author digs deep and goes past reasonable expectations in researching a subject, including over interviews and uncovering long-hidden FBI and Justice Department files.

What readers think: "This memoir is a lasting testament to the legacy that she will leave behind for the game, and for the University of Tennessee. It is deeply thought provoking, as well as personal. I have always had tremendous respect for Summitt, but this book brought out more than just the coach in her. It always was about the people she surrounded herself with. This book is the best of the three Summitt and venerated sportswriter Sally Jenkins wrote together, and the only one that made it to No. What readers think: "This character is facing external conflict because the fans hate on him for many reasons but the big one is a huge standout.

He used and experimented with steroids so much, he was known as the Chemist in the MLB.

See a Problem?

This character is mostly dynamic because he stays true to himself and never changes his image on what he does. Bottom line: Jose Canseco is insufferable. But his book is an unbelievable look into the steroid era of baseball and tears down every lie told by Major League Baseball and its players during that time. From an objective point of view, the truth of Canseco is what makes the book as compelling as it is.

He tells the story matter-of-factly and without sentimentality, which endears itself to a discerning reader. What readers think: "One of the best college football books I've read. Deals with Ole Miss back when they were straight awful. Then Ed 'Crazy' Orgeron comes to coach. Having just left USC, he is pumped to get his first head coaching job.

The Best of Everything Hockey Book - Shane Frederick - Google книги

All he does is act like a fool to get recruits and it works. Sure he bends the rules, but come on. Also of note is the amount of Red Bull Orgeron consumes. Just reading about it will accelerate your heart rate. What readers think: "couldn't put it down The result is a magnificent, nuanced look at an NBA team.

Somehow, Jackson found his way back to the Lakers and Bryant a few years later, and won two more championships. What readers think: " This behind the scenes look at a training camp from back when players weren't multimillionaires made me feel like I was right there with them, sharing in their training camp escapades and in Plimpton's struggles to not embarrass himself while pretending to be a pro.

I really cannot do it justice. Bottom line: Credit every book or article ever written about journalists inserting themselves into sports they cover to George Plimpton. Especially compelling are the passages about his "teammates" and their day-to-day struggles, including a look at superstar defensive tackle and future television star Alex Karras. What readers think: "I'm not much of a non-fiction guy, but Oxenham is such a good storyteller, I got caught up in each chapter's topic.

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Highly recommended for sports fans. Or for fans of women trying to succeed in a difficult field. DeMann Goodreads. What readers think: "I have to say, this is a surprisingly good and honest bio. You might need to be into soccer to appreciate it, but if you are this is fun. Bottom line: One of the greatest soccer players in the world, Zlatan Ibrahimovic spins a great tale. What readers think: "Writing and fighting might seem unlikely bedfellows, but boxing often produces great literature — and this book is a prime example of that.

It's partly down to the subject-matter and partly down to the author. Bottom line: Jack Johnson was one of the most famous athletes in the world after becoming the first African-American heavyweight champion in Geoffrey C. What readers think: "I loved this book and I may or may not love Shea Serrano despite him not knowing me. This is the kind of trouble you're stirring up by writing a book like this one. Serrano, who writes for The Ringer, has the gift of being able to identify the myths surrounding the best basketball players and put his own eclectic spin on them.

Old stories told anew. Unbroken is probably the best book I have ever read. This really is an amazing book I felt many things when I finished it but a great sadness was definitely one of them. Zamperini survived crash-landing his plane in the Pacific Ocean, drifted 47 days on a raft, then was tortured for two-and-a-half years in a series of hellish Japanese prison camps. What readers think: "A short concise friendly and profoundly powerful book. It describes the dynamics of our own mind and how to make it work to our favor.

I absolutely loved it. Bottom line: W. What readers think: "That the story would read as brilliant as it is to a stubbornly romantic football fan like me, was expected. That Peace's writing would go all the way down a dark, haunting, decadent poetic road with such elegance and soul, such music, was not. Bottom line: The main subject of the book, legendary English soccer player and manager Brian Clough, said David Peace took "liberties" in telling his story.

What readers think: "Wow. I didn't want this book to end, because that would mean Magic and Larry weren't playing any more. Which is silly, since they haven't played in years. I wish I had paid more attention to basketball while these two were playing. I had no idea of their significance to the game. Their leadership and rivalry remains unmatched today. She knows she has an epic tale to tell and delivers a unique, nuanced understanding of basketball and the role her subjects played in the history of the sport.

What readers think: "I'm a slow reader but finished this book in 3 days. It has a lovely rhythm and goes between the Michael Oher story and changes in the NFL that played a part in his success. The amount of reporting and research Lewis must have done is astounding to me, but he weaves it together nicely. An amazing story expertly told. Then he ties football's evolution to the story of Michael Oher in a Dickens-like saga of a rags-to-riches football superstar in Memphis.

Brilliance on the page and par for the course for Lewis. What readers think: "Beautifully haunting, set in the 60's with the horror of addiction and fear of nuclear war in the forefront, Jim Carroll poetically writes about a gritty New York we will never see again.

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