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Every boss has their own way of dealing with staff.

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Understanding their approach will aid you in modelling your behaviours to meet their needs more effectively. At that point they may want your input on how to direct your efforts. Or they may simply tell you what they want done. You should to suss out details of what you should be working on. Inquire about which projects to prioritize. Also get deadlines and specific deliverables. At some juncture something will go wrong at work.

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  2. Questions can clarify roles and expectations while offering support..
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When this happens communicating is essential. Some bosses want to know about foul-ups right away to give input. Others would rather wait till solutions have been developed. Two additional questions can help you here. Be proactive in getting together again. Some bosses want to prevent the appearance of favouritism or of getting too close to those they supervise.


Others will welcome the opportunity to bond. Adults may come to believe that asking questions is a sign of weakness. Yet by making a few basic inquiries you can put your new boss at ease and get on their good side from day one. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Before the digital age, people had a hard time switching from one currency to another as it often involves banks, physical cash, and could involve risks as some foreign currencies are banned.

With Libra, this is going to change as the barrier for moving currencies will be lowered.

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While countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey are inflating its currently, those citizens will now have the easy option to opt-out instead of experiencing a decline of their savings. To stable or not to stable? Libra is still a fiat currency, controlled by a group of participants who share the same profit-oriented mindset. It will be the responsibility of those in the consortium and Libra foundation to keep their purchasing power in balance over time. Their role is to trade different currencies and assets back and forth in order to maintain the value of Libra against the promise they made against their users.

When the next financial crisis hits, Libra will be right in the middle of that financial storm. It will be very interesting to see how they will manage their assets to hedge themselves out of this crisis. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an asset on its own with a fixed supply. In other words, when people are looking for scare assets in uncertain times, Bitcoin could be one of the possible alternatives next to Gold, Silver, etc.

The age of privacy is over …. Remember what he thinks about his users who handed over their data? Right, dumb fucks! Maybe regulators saw the next wave of cryptocurrencies already coming and had to make a choice which one it should be? With money, it will allow Facebook to assemble even more data. And this escalates into dangerous situations where you can get easily trapped in criminal webs where even your gardener could be a potential terrorist as he buys fertilizers and diesel for his machines.

Not only shutting down your digital identity but also losing access to your wealth? But do we really want a mass surveillance system that supervises every transaction you engage in? What will happen with this data en what kind of power do we give them in the future? And yes the government wants a piece of the pie. The IRS, the body that is responsible for the collection of taxes and enforcement of tax laws, will have to classify it. If Libra is considered a cryptocurrency, which it does seem to be one, it will be classed as a commodity like Gold and Silver.

Alina Morse, 13

Now, remember that Libra positions itself as a stable currency? And if the value of the Libra will go up relative to the US Dollar, you as a taxpayer will have an obligation to declare these profits.

Alina Morse, 13

This will be an administrative nightmare. To make it more convenient and as the state will require from an investment brokerage like Facebook, they should probably file these income tax documents in your name. See where this is going?

These are already my top three predictions:. At some point, the Libra reserves will be fully backed by Bitcoin. As other assets will devalue in purchasing power, the only asset that can retain its value will be Bitcoin. As more people are educated about the possibilities of cryptocurrenci es, Bitcoin will receive an enormous boost in terms of technology, adoption, and price. We will see other major companies come up with their own cryptocurrency.

From Disneybucks to StarBucks. The last one would, in fact, make sense as in term of geographical reach, Starbucks has the most branches compared to any other brand. It already uses a payment app, and we all trust Starbucks instead of ZuckBucks. Let me know through Twitter or email what your top 3 predictions are. Libra and other projects will definitely accelerate the pace of innovation and adoption. I like to quote Andreas Antonopoulos, who once said that we are in the intranet period before the internet emerged.

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