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Rather, they usually act like this either out of ignorance or because the stress of everyday life has led them to make poor lifestyle choices. As a result, they sooner or later end up experiencing all sorts of illnesses that could have been avoided if they payed more attention to their physical needs. For example, if you feel like moving, move. If, on the other hand, you feel tired, stop moving your body to recharge your batteries.

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By starting to pay more attention to it, we can re-connect with it and allow it to lead us to a healthier and more fulfilling life. People usually have a big number of goals they want to achieve, and often they are even opposing to each other. One day they want this thing, the next day another, and the next still another. No wonder they usually end up achieving nothing but complicating their lives.

A life that is simple has a clear purpose. Whatever they are, be sure to make them your top priority. Lastly yet perhaps most importantly, minimalist living requires a calm and undisturbed mind — that is, a mind that is free of conflicting thoughts and in tune with the present moment. To be able to regain a peaceful state of consciousness, you need to develop mindfulness. It also means observing your thoughts and feelings without judging, resisting or feeding them.

Living With Less: 7 Ways to Sample Minimalist Living

Lastly, it means consciously responding to situations instead of overreacting to them or being overwhelmed by them. Every single person can develop mindfulness, and there are many ways one can do so. When, however, you feel that your mind has carried you away, make sure that you return your attention to your breath and continue your practice. Mindfulness is an ancient practice that is now backed up by science. Did You Like This Post? Every week I send out a free weekly email newsletter with updates on articles and other things I'm working on for more than 30, readers. Simply enter your email below to get them delivered right to your inbox.

You can opt out at any time. But does life have to be such a drudgery? Why is Life So Messed Up? Minimalism: A Turn Back to Simplicity So how can we design a life that is less complicated and more meaningful? With minimalism. The Unbounded Spirit would not exist without the support of readers like you. If you find joy and value in what I do, please consider supporting with a donation — however much you can afford, it means and helps more than you can imagine. Join my free newsletter. Click Here. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Join my free newsletter Click Here.

Whatever you need to ensure you don't let the drama in. Just because everything is crazy around you doesn't mean everything has to be crazy within you. I remember times when I gave my phone more attention than I gave my daughter, or said, "one sec" and took much longer. When everything is important, nothing really is because you're always distracted or thinking about what's next. Always consider what matters most to you and act accordingly. There is a big difference between less and nothing and it's up to you to determine what's best for you.

If you love to bake, you may have more baking items than someone who loves to ski or hike. Take stock of what adds value to your unique family situation. And don't feel guilty for keeping those items. As you incorporate minimalism into your life as a mom, you won't just be changing your wellbeing, but your whole family's. Living with less has helped me to restore my health, engage in work I truly care about and show all the way up for the people I love.

Courtney Carver launched her blog Be More with Less in and is one of the top bloggers in the world on the subject of minimalism. She has been featured in countless articles, podcasts, and interviews on simplicity, and is the creator of the minimalist fashion challenge, Project , which was featured in O Magazine and Real Simple.

The holidays are quickly on their way, and while there are tons of ways to celebrate, you should feel free to get a little creative with it and make your own traditions there's no law requiring you to dress everyone in matching red velvet jumpers to sit on Santa's lap.

Courtney Carver – How do we become more with less? | Coffee For The Brain

So instead of battling between getting the perfect picture and your baby's natural urge to wiggle, harness the power of those inevitable Hallmark moments—the first giggle, the budding personality, the two-toothed grin—to make your December super special. Decorating the tree is a beloved tradition, and having a little one is all the more reason to get into the spirit of it.

Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Get the baby—and the rest of the family—involved in the fun by letting everyone color or paint on an unbreakable, homemade ornament and hang them towards the bottom of the tree. And sure, your infant may not create any masterpieces at this age, but not only will the precious family heirlooms stay higher up read: away from tiny hands , you'll also be creating keepsakes to build on for years to come. Connecting your children to the spirit of the season is an important part of teaching them what it's all about, but it's not always so easy to do through books and stories alone.

Instead, offer them the chance to live it out! Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or another significant holiday, playing pretend is the ideal way to teach and have fun along the way for everyone in the family. Use a kid-friendly nativity book as a guide or make your own menorah as you explore the story of the oil that burned for 8 nights—whatever your religion, there's an important tale to tell.

Why is Life So Messed Up?

There is joy in receiving physical mail and holiday cards are a wonderful way to make your loved ones feel special. But don't stop there! Record a video greeting to send to your nearest and dearest to keep even the most far-away relatives feel like they're right there with you. Everyone will love seeing the baby's latest milestones in live-action, and it's a great way to spread the season's warmest greetings. Making and maintaining a baby book is a fabulous idea, but sometimes keeping it up-to-date gets lost in the shuffle of parenthood.

Use the holiday season as a time to reconnect with all those beloved memories for your kiddo by starting an annual time capsule box: Each year, have all members of the family add one item of their choosing or your choosing, depending on age to the box and label it with a little note. Things can range from a favorite holiday-themed blanket or toy to something they no longer need but aren't ready to throw away.

Nothing says "cozy" like a yummy-smelling kitchen filled with laughter. While your tot may still be too small to really help in the kitchen, it's never too early to kickstart their love of cooking. Pick a recipe you'll make every year and get them "involved" with a spoon and an empty mixing bowl. You'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor together and it'll help encourage them to cook with you more year-round, too. We all know that as babies grow up—independence is a priority, no matter how ready for it we really are. This year, give them the gift of being in charge.

By allowing your little one to eat what they want, wear what they pick a sparkly tutu? No problem. An adorable Christmas cape? Looking back now, 11 years later, falling in love was so easy. We were attracted to each other, we were both single, we didn't have many serious responsibilities yet, and we had plenty of time. Time to get to know one another and how to care for each other. Time to adventure together and learn who we were both as a couple and as individuals, too.

We now have seven years of marriage under our belts and six years of parenthood. Every day we're learning how to be a stronger team throughout the curveballs life and our kids throw at us. Like a toddler who could most likely climb to the top of the Empire State Building without ropes, Free Solo style. Or the bed wetting. Or the crib escaping. Or all the childcare puzzle pieces.

Or the beauty and pain of watching our kids need us less as they become more independent. Or the daily doses of attitudes, whining fits, and meltdowns—all from three children who we created ourselves. These curveballs can feel like a lot.

Stop trying so hard. Achieve more by doing less. - Bethany Butzer - TEDxUNYP

Some days are so exhausting, I could fall asleep the second you walk through the door. And some days are so trying, I could drive off into the sunset the second you walk through the door. I would come back, I promise. These years that we've been raising young children together have felt heavy because they're full. Full of twists and turns, of guilt and exhaustion, of happiness and growth.

They've felt heavy because of the weight. The weight of the worries on our minds, the anxiety in our hearts, the stress on our bodies. Like making a cup of my favorite tea and delivering it to me on the couch. Giving me a back rub when I complain about my aches. Watching the movies I pick out over and over again without complaining. Listening to me vent without looking at your phone or brushing my worries off to move onto something else. Sitting with me when I need to cry. Reassuring me when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. The mornings that start with you delivering me a cup of coffee in bed before you head to work are the BEST.

It may seem like a small act of love, but it feels like a big, giant hug from you. And I love getting those from you, too. You're the sole weekend diaper changer because you're at work during most of the weekday changes. You're the laundry master, the middle-of-the-night potty helper, the toy assembler, the hair washer and consequently, the soap-getter-out-of-the-eyer. All the little things that you do for me, for us, add up to a huge pile of gratefulness, respect, validation and appreciation. They show me—like I aim to show you by the way I care for you—that you see me as a human.

Not just the mother of your children. Not just the family chef. Not just the breastfeeder. Not just the chauffeur. Not just the magic maker, boo-boo healer, or errand-runner. You see that woman you fell in love with 11 years ago. The woman I've grown into. The woman I'm aspiring to be; always aiming to better myself. You notice the effort I'm putting in and you look me in the eyes to let me know you're proud. You see me trying to dig out from under all this motherhood and find myself again.

Did I get lost? I'm not sure exactly. I mostly think I've just evolved. Am evolving.

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But I do think I've lost touch with myself a little along the way, and you're always encouraging me to find my way back. Thank you for the little stuff, the big stuff. The invisible stuff, the grandeur stuff. The simple stuff, the complicated stuff. The stuff that comes easy to you, the stuff that you'd probably rather not do but you do anyway because you love me. For years we have been warned that women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should not consume any alcohol for the sake of the baby's health, and now a new study suggests dads, too, should completely abstain from alcohol before trying to conceive.

The research was published this week in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and found an association between dad's drinking before conception and congenital heart defects a common birth defect in infants. One of the study's authors, Dr. Jiabi Qin, says heterosexual couples who are trying to conceive should stop consuming alcohol long before the conception date.

Qin says would-be-moms should abstain for a year before they start to try and potential fathers should stop drinking alcohol six months before trying for a pregnancy. Now, if your male partner or you, if you're the male had a couple of beers in the months leading up to your pregnancy, don't worry. According to Dr. Qin, the team, "observed a gradually rising risk of congenital heart diseases as parental alcohol consumption increased.

The relationship was not statistically significant at the lower quantities. Basically, if dad had a few drinks in the weeks and months before you got pregnant it's not a big deal, but if your male partner is drinking a lot while you're trying to get pregnant they may want to stop. The research doesn't show that the binge-drinking causes heart defects, only that there is a strong association between them. More research is needed but those behind the science suggest dads should stop drinking ahead of conception. This makes sense, as we know that dad's preconception health can also have a significant effect on a baby's development.

Previous research into the impacts of dad's diet and caffeine intake highlight the need for education and intervention for fathers, because making some healthy lifestyle changes preconception could lead to better birth outcomes. For men who want to become fathers, understanding that their own lifestyle choices could improve birth outcomes can be empowering.

Dad's diet, alcohol consumption, age and even stress levels can have an impact on the child. It truly does take two people to make a baby and we need to stop discounting father's genetic and day-to-day contributions. Dads matter, and their health matters so much more than we understand. Guys, you may not be fathers yet, but you can already start taking care of your baby by taking care of yourself. The summer is over and back to school season has practically passed, too. Halloween is on the horizon, and after that, there's only one date that's sticking out in our minds: November 6.

It's not a national holiday, but it's the day Aldi releases its cheese advent calendar and we couldn't be more excited to have an excuse to snack on cheese once a day until Christmas. And apparently we are in good company. That's a lot of cheese.