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DH: Another fab question! Answering this is probably like asking a person who their favorite child is. LC: Do you incorporate or inadvertently find any of your own personality traits into your characters? DH: Well, please see the previous answer. I can neither confirm nor deny that I share her traits though.

Please explain. DH: The answer to that may depend on the writer. DH: I have a few Heroes and they know who they are. I love to read and feel the honesty in the words. Some people simply have a way to create worlds, and I love them.

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DH: Yes! Both anthologies have a fantastic group of authors and I am so excited to be working with them! LC: Good luck with all those projects! It was a pleasure talking with you today. Author and historian Deb Hunter writes as Hunter S. She publishes independently as well as through traditional platforms. Recently she revealed that she is a Stage IV cancer warrior. She is passionate about the history of romance, science and music, a. She is also a historian for Past Preservers Casting. Today, author Suanne Schafer joins us to answer 10 Questions about her writing.

Suanne has published magazine articles and books in a variety of genres and belongs to several professional writing organizations, including Romance Writers of America and the Historical Novel Society. Suanne Schafer : I was facing retirement from my medical practice as well as an empty nest divorced husband, son moved out , and wanted something to fill my time. I decided to take up writing.

After cranking out one long, dreadful novel, I decided to take some classes. What is your writing process: where do you write, how often do you write, are you a full-time or part-time writer, do you outline or do you plot as you go, etc.? SS: I write daily, though without any set word counts or anything. I have a desk in a spare bedroom that serves as an office. The walls are lined with books which share space with my sewing and knitting storage.

I retired a few years ago, so consider myself a full-time author. Who is one of your favorite characters from your story ies , one that you enjoyed creating and writing about, and why? It was challenging to incorporate the feistiness of my grandmother and still have Ruby have her own personality. Jessica Hemings, the heroine of Hunting the Devil , was also challenging.

I had to give her the emotional stamina to spend years searching for the man who murdered her children. LC: Do you find your stories are more plot driven or character driven? SS: Definitely character driven. SS: I loved reading as a child, and it has carried forward into adulthood. One year, I maxed out at books. SS: Reading is crucial. It helps hone your craft, provides guidance and inspiration. It is so evocative of that time for me, plus has such a gut-wrenching story.

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I move the setting back to Texas and have a happily-ever-after ending. LC: You do write on some interesting topics! Thanks again for sharing your writing life with us. Best of luck with your current and new works. Her short works have been featured in multiple magazines, literary journals, and anthologies. Coming September , Hunting the Devil explores the heartbreak and healing of a biracial American physician caught up in the Rwandan genocide. I got an inspiration for what I thought was going to be a short story but became my first middle grade novel.

After that I was hooked. I enjoy it. SP: At first, I wrote with pen and paper. Now I write on the computer. My process is pretty informal. I have an idea in my head for the book and how the story will progress. I usually resolve plot issues when my mind is unfocused.

SP: My inspiration for stories has come from a variety of sources: a certain piece of furniture, my dog, people I met while travelling. I wrote one story based on a popular Russian folk tale character. Mostly I write about people whose experiences or situations are very different from mine, but at a deeper level everything comes from my own experience. SP: I adopted my dog Toto from the local shelter eleven years ago.

He turned out to be a spunky, independent pup who, unbeknownst to L. Frank Baum who wrote the original book , played a major role in the adventures. Do you incorporate or inadvertently find any of your own personality traits into your characters? SP: Definitely.

Most of my protagonists are girls and most tend to have a lot of my personality traits.

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Some of my stories start with a character or characters, but others start with a plot idea. Either way, I feel both are essential and intertwined. SP: My parents read to me and my brothers when we were young and instilled in me a love of reading that has lasted all my life. I read to my children and grandchildren.

SP: You have to read a lot in order to write. Reading develops vocabulary and understanding of story and character development. You need to know very well the genre in which you write. Reading is an immersion course in writing. The list goes on and on. This includes reading for research on my books. This is completely new to me. I thought it would be fun to try and this book lends itself to that form. Sylvia Bortin Patience is a long time Santa Cruz resident, mother, grandmother, nurse, and midwife. She currently focuses on writing middle grade novels, for eight to twelve-year-olds.

She loves playing with words, imagining stories, and expressing herself through writing. She lives in Taiwan. Linda Covella: Annie, congratulations on your new release! I ran to my room in great excitement, found an old notebook and a pencil, and started in. Well, that first little science fiction novel was never actually finished, let alone published, but it got me started. My usual writing spot is at my dining room table at home.

I always outline my books very thoroughly and plan out my characters in multiple ways before I start drafting. All my friends knew me as a bookworm. Back in elementary school, I used to read not only at recess, but as I walked around campus. When I was ten years old, my dad told me he was pretty sure I had read more books in my life so far than he had in his.

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What age group are these books for? ADL: There are five main books in the series so far, but each of them can stand on its own.

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Each of the first four books deals with events surrounding the same major political incident: the invasion of the kingdom of Alasia by the neighboring kingdom of Malorn. In each of the books, main characters from the others make brief appearances and interact with each other at the point where the timeframes and settings overlap. Annals of Alasia: The Collected Interviews is not available on Amazon, but I send a free copy to anyone who signs up for my mailing list to receive updates when I release new books or occasionally offer them for free. Not for Princess Kalendria.

Hoping to lighten the mood in the palace, Kalendria plans a ball to celebrate her seventeenth birthday. But unfriendly forces have their own party plans. When Kalendria, Korram, and Jaymin barely survive an assassination attempt, their only recourse is to flee into the wilderness. Tracked by unknown assassins, they must figure out whom they can trust and who is behind the plot. LC: What inspired you to write these stories? How did you come up with the ideas? ADL: The inspiration for the first one, Prince of Alasia, came from a dream I once had about a prince who was forced to flee from invaders and live in disguise in a poor neighborhood.

I wrote the next three books to tell different sides of the same story. King of Malorn came later, to bring all the characters together and show what happens to them a few years after the other events. LC: As a fantasy writer, you had to create some unusual character and place names.

How do you generate those names? Occasionally they just come to me, but sometimes I create them from variations or combinations of other words or names. LC: How much world building did you do for this series? Did it require research, or did it all come from your imagination? ADL: Most of it came from my imagination, but I did do some research for a couple of the earlier books. Prince of Malorn , in which Prince Korram spends several months in the wilderness, required the most research.

I learned all about edible plants in the mountains, how to start a fire without matches, how to fire-harden a handmade spear, and even what grubs taste like! LC: Who is one of your favorite characters from King of Malorn , one that you enjoyed creating and writing about, and why? ADL: That would probably be Erik. In this book actually, in some late revisions I made long after the first several drafts , Erik ended up stepping forward and showing me more of his personality. So far, a few early readers have also told me that Erik is their favorite now. Erik hates being noticed!

ADL: Not so much in this series. In my science fiction novel Heartsong , I made the main character, Liz, a serious bookworm like I am. Otherwise, my characters are their own people. LC: Is King of Malorn the final book in the series, or are more forthcoming? It will probably be the last one, but who knows? Each time I see a rainbow, I think of my grandfather smiling.

As Young As We Feel, by Melody Carlson

When I see a ladybug, I am always in awe of its deep red color and eager to count its spots. This curiousity makes me feel alive and vibrant each day. Open your eyes; love is everywhere. My favorite rocks are back, this time providing colorful and evocative assurances that each of us is loved — always. With Love You When …, Linda Kranz creates an engaging testament to the timelessness of love, once again aided by her frisky and ingenious buddies, the boldly painted rocks who so artfully share her stories.

I was thrilled to read your beautiful book Love You When. The images, the message, the rocks! What an amazing book, Linda! Thanks for being you! Flagstaff artist and writer Linda Kranz has published another book featuring Adri, the character from her previous book, Only One You Rising Moon , which I reviewed in Kranz devotees know that Adri is a colorful, meticulously hand-painted oval rock. In You Be You Taylor Trade, , Adri shares the stage with hundreds of other colorful, meticulously hand-painted rocks.

The message of the book, written for ages 4 to 8, is the same: each person is a unique individual even while being part of a larger group. You Be You brings a whole new level of excitement to painted rocks. I looked through the entire book and marveled at the painting and design before I went back to read it. I envy Kranz the many hours of meditative, painterly joy she undoubtedly.

In this companion to the earlier Only One You , which presented Chicken Soup—type advice to the same young fish, Kranz escapes didacticism and provides young readers with an appealing look at diversity. Primarily focused on opposites such as right and left, up and down, big and tiny, smooth and spiny, the bouncy, rhymed text points out differences, while colorful fish swim through the pages illustrating the aforementioned variations. When Adri returns home, he tells his parents what he has learned. With its universal theme that life is the greatest journey of all as well as its celebration of the differences between all creatures, You Be You offers a positive message to readers of all ages.

In addition, parents can share with their children the homilies featured on the endpapers and children can search for Adri swimming among the other fish. As their children grow, parents try very hard to give their children advice, which they hope will help them have happier, fuller, and more interesting lives. In other words, it is not necessary to be a part of a crowd all the time. They encourage him to be aware of and admire beauty and art. He will see both when he is on his travels for such things can be found wherever one goes.

Using her charming little rockfish characters, illustrations, and photographs, Linda Kranz has created a picture book which will help readers of all ages as the make their way through life. Sound wisdom is sweetly juxtapositioned by the artwork and the reader is left with a warm feeling and a great deal to think about. This book would make a perfect gift for a young person who is going off into the wide world on is or her own for the first time. Mama and Papa fish know it is time to share some wisdom with their son who will soon be off, making his way in the world.

Like a small code of ethics, this selection provides solid, positive mottos everyone should live by.

As Young As We Feel

Gorgeous illustrated story, created by an award-winning artist, is a great way to inspire a child, teenager or adult friend. It will capture their favorite wisdom of life and individuality. Makes a heartfelt gift for a new baby, graduation, engagement or wedding. Only One You is a wonderful springboard for discussions in the classroom to help children develop tolerance. They wonder how old they have become in trying to achieve the success in life.

However, the women hope to forget whatever happened in the past and wish to support each other in reinventing their lives. However, they soon realize new beginnings can be a great challenge and feel stretched beyond their limits of what they were trying to attempt. All this makes them wonder if they can move forward as they have planned or fail again at making their life cheerful?

This storyline of author Melody was well appreciated by numerous critics and also by her fans. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Four Lindas Books In Order. Mitch Rapp is back! Kyle Mills continues to do a great job in this series and Lethal Agent promises to be no different. ISIS are on the warpath and are looking at sneaking anthrax into a distracted America. Mitch Rapp has to infilitrate Mexican cartels in the latest book in the Rapp series, released this month.

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