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What kind of person is Lee Campbell? What drives him, personally and professionally? His parents are Scottish — whereas mine are actually a Euro-Anglo mix from families that have been in this country for centuries. He grew up with starched linen napkins and polished silver and fine old china, but also an appreciation for the arts and the beauty of nature.

His family valued things because they were old, not because they were expensive.

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So all of that is in him. What drives him are the two great tragedies in his family. I have a theory that every family has a defining tragedy. In the Campbell family, there are two. Duncan Campbell just walked away and disappeared from their lives. Lee has been dealing with the ramifications of that his whole life — it influenced his decision to go into psychiatry as a career. The second tragedy was the disappearance of his sister.

When that happened, he gave up his private practice as a therapist and got a degree in criminal psychology.

“Silent Kills” by C.E. Lawrence

Writing about a protagonist who suffers from depression must be challenging. But I never let it totally incapacitate him, or at least not for long. Readers want active protagonists who struggle, so the depression is another thing he has to fight against. I hope that it does give his character and inner life emotional depth and texture — and not just in a negative way.

I think his personality and character are still evolving. So I guess I wanted a change — also, the thriller genre is darker, and I liked the idea of a male protagonist for that. And I wanted to write someone I might be able to fall in love with — educated, talented and sensitive, musical, but tormented; kind of a romantic ideal, in a way. Fictional serial killers usually have bizarre signature methods of killing.

Jordan Lee Campbell jailed for life for stabbing his best man 30 times ONE MONTH after his wedding

How do you come up with something that no other writer has used? So I figured why not have an actual Steampunk vampire? There are also some real life examples, like the Countess Elizabeth Bathory in the 16 th century, who murdered young women and bathed in their blood. There was a psycho-sexual component to her crimes, but she also believed it would keep her young. And there are other real life cases of people who consumed blood because of a pathological fear of death and mortality. At times I forgot this is a crime novel because I was so captivated by the descriptions.

And another one.

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Early on, Lee himself is targeted as well. Why would a serial killer target a profiler from the very beginning? I was very glad that this novel only picked up speed after the first third and even then, it was anything but frantic. Overall this was an enjoyable read. The setting and time that this occurs sounds like it is an effective innovation.

Setting a book that covers such horrific things at a time when other, mega horrific things were happening seems like it would exponentially increase the horror. It increased the horror. I love crime novels, but I tend to avoid books with serial killers or slasher type stories—depending on whether they are too graphic or not. Strangely, too, or maybe not so strange is that I tend to not choose crime novels that are set in the US I guess I want something new and different?

Did she talk about her writing process for a book like this in your class? Carole has just answered most of your questions, Danielle. I actually wanted to include the aspect of the books not being gruesome at all. I was more than thankful for that.

The focus is psychlogy, more than the acting out. Hi everyone — Thanks so much for your comments, and to Caroline for doing this blog! You never see people getting killed. Thanks for joining the discussion, Carole. And for adding the link. I should have done that. I agree with you and often it feels gratuitous. I have a vivid imagination. I do like books set in New York, one of my favorite places. I never saw it described from that angle. Gratuitous violence is very off-putting.

I think a lot of these serial killer books are really a bit trashy. This one is not. Wonderful review, Caroline! This book looks quite interesting.

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It must have been a wonderful experience participating in it. I hope you enjoy the second book in the series too. I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Happy reading!

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Thanks, Vishy. She takes time, carefully describes everything and adds a lot. That lack of pace seems to indicate that it is not a regular page turner but a literary crime novel. Unfortunately the cover is misleading and — to be honest — there were quite a few typos.

Both of which depend on the editor, not the author. I shall have to check this one out.