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Product Highlights. Baptismal regenerationists have used this verse to teach the exact opposite of what this passage is saying. That said, many good Bible believing Baptists have had difficulties with this passage themselves. Hopefully, we can lay some of those problems to rest in this small treatise.

Immersing, Yielding, and Relating with Others

There are two confusing terms in this passage that need to be explained. The Greek Word translated thusly is Antitupos. That is, the words that are about to follow are the fulfillment of the type represented in Noah and his family being saved by the Ark. This word is used one other time in the Greek New Testament. In this verse, there are obviously not two types.

The temple on earth was a type of the real temple in Heaven. The temple in Heaven was the antitype of the temple on earth. We often assume that every use of the Greek word baptizo or similar is a reference to New Testament water baptism. But, this is not true.

Surely this is not a reference to New Testament baptism. More importantly, Jesus spoke of a baptism that He would be baptized with in Matthew This is definitely not speaking of New Testament water baptism. Jesus was speaking about the judgment of God which He was about to be immersed into. Moreover, He was about to bear this judgment for us as He acted as our Ark. This baptism…this immersion of Christ into the judgment of God…saves us.

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It is this baptism that I Peter speaks of. With these two confusing terms having been clarified, we can easily see that I Peter is not speaking about water baptism at all. The ark of gopher wood surely pictured the real Ark of God that bore the necessary penalty of our sin. He was immersed into the judgment of God for us. This part of the passage is further proof that water baptism is not part of this verse. There is nothing ceremonial in the passage. Water baptism is not under consideration here.

A good conscience before God is to be sought in one thing — the meritorious work of the risen Savior. Baptism is important. Baptism even pictures the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. This passage from start to finish is speaking of the work of Jesus Christ as our all-sufficient Savior.

I pray that the Lord uses this short treatise on this ever important passage. If you have ever believed that baptism had a part in saving your soul, I pray you now have been shown differently. More than anything, I pray we have all been reminded that the only way into fellowship with the Father is by the work of the Son as He, acting as our Ark, bore the price of our sin as He was immersed into the judgment of God on our behalf.

View Verse of the Day. Search this site:. A Scriptural Case for the Plurality of Elders. The Commission is Forward Focused.

Immersed In Jesus

Belief and the Believer by Elvis Gregory. Immersed in Christ. Proper Biblical Foundation. Symbolic spiritual cleansing was not what God required. He required man to be branded in his heart for Him. For the first time this traditional ritual was being transformed or connected to the spirit of man, his own accountability for sin through the redemptive power of the coming Messiah.

The Baptist stated that the one that would come after him — Jesus — would baptize or immerse with the Holy Spirit. The gifts are never for self — always for others and edification of the Church. We need the Holy Spirit so much. Jesus gave the Great Commission to us all. Whatever the capacity. We are here to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth — period. The time is NOW!